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Wilfrida Auma

DREAM: Journalism


Wilfrida is a fourth born in a family of seven children. Her father died when she was still seven years old in standard one.    

Wilfrida was learning at St. Peters Academy where the school fee per term was ksh. 1,200. This translates to ksh. 3,600 per year. With as low as the school fees was, her mother wasn’t capable of paying hence her persistent stay out of school.

Moses Odhiambo Wambia 2014

DREAM: Surgeon
FATHER’S NAME: Wilson Wambia
MOTHER’S NAME: Rosebella Atieno Wambia.

Moses is a last born in a family of four children. His father died when Moses was only eight months. After his birth, they were brought up by a single mother until in 2004 when she also passed on. Life became difficult for the children since the death of both parents.

2004-2006 he stayed with the elder brother who by then was working as a casual laborer in Kisumu but he wasn’t attending school.