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Amaton Somali Bahati

Amaton is the oldest son of Mwanahalima. As a single mother it is not easy for her to take care of her in the meantime 3 sons.

Mwanamisi Halfani Vunga

Mwanamisi, Yusuf and Omari are the three last born in a family of eleven children. Their father is a peasant fisherman while the mother is just a housewife. Sometimes with little or no catch, it becomes difficult to provide the family with the basic needs. With such a big family, it’s only through good education that the children will change their lives to better in future.

Abida Ali

Abida is the last born in a family of three. Her brothers and sisters live in Mwaembe with their mother. She works as a household help and this has made it difficult to fund the education of her daughter due to financial constraints. Abida was enrolled to our school in baby class in 2014.

Mwanamisi Omari Somali

Mwanamisi is the niece of Mwanahalima and Fatuma.

Mwalola Ali Vunga

Mwalola and Idd are 2nd last and last born children respectively. Both their parents are alive. Their Father is a Boda boda (motorbike driver) while the mother is a housewife. With his little income, their father can’t sustain the family’s basic needs and provide children with education. They he looked for an educational sponsor for the two children in Nice View Gratitude Academy.


Waridi Hamadi Dzengo

Waridi is the last born in a family of five children. Since the death of her father in 2010, her mother has been fending for them although without any formal job. Waridi’s elder sister is in Secondary school and due financial constraint, she was forced to repeat Form one. Waridi’s brother (Dunga) is also under education sponsorship in Nice View Gratitude Academy. With five children, Waridi’s mother can’t fully provide the necessary basic needs.

Zulekha Daniel Kafahamu

Zulekha and Swabrina are the 8th and 9th born respectively in a family of nine children. Since the death of their father, their mother was single-handedly fending for them. It is the hope of everybody that their lives will never remain the same upon getting good education.

Amina Nassoro

Amina is the last born in a family of seven. The sisters and brothers live in Kisimachande with their mother. Her father died in June 2015. Amina’s mother could not fund the education of her child and through this struggles secured a sponsor. Through this Amina was enrolled in our school in this year 2015 in Reception class.

Rama Bakari

Rama is the fifth born in a family of seven children. His father died in 2010 when he was barely two years old. As a single mother and a widow, life hasn’t been easy to her. Fending her children made her get married another man a year later after the death of her husband. She gave birth to another child and later separated complicating her life even more. Currently, Rama’s mother goes to peoples’ homes to do house chore so that she can put food on the table.

Omari Vunga Halfan