1997: Impressions

1997 family Dürr bought a 8.000 m² big private plot. It was fenced in and it was started to dig a well.

Affected by the fate of the poor but friendly people, family Dürr looked for like-minded people and founded end of 1997 the association Project Schwarz-Weiß e.V.

The founding members were: Gudrun Dürr, Edmund Dürr, Helmut Sohr, Annemarie Hartmann, Margit Elser, Jürgen Schwarz, Johanna Riepl and Tanja Riepl.

1997 purchase of a 8.000 m² big private plot at Kenya's South Coast... 1997 the plot was by degrees fences in.... Edi & Siassa, our first worker in Kenya..... 1997 we started with the building of a well! Only after 25 meters we reached groundwater which is of outstanding quality! 1997: Gudrun, Edi & Pascal ....... 1997: children in the village Msambweni ...... 1997: children in the village Msambweni ...... 1997: a public school in Msambweni...... That's how our association Project Schwarz-Weiß e.V. developed; with the goal to help people in need.... 1997: one of our first information stands (on the photo Peter Hebeler und Annemarie Hartmann)