1999: Impressions

Until 1999 it was planned to build the Children's Village on a separate plot. However, due to financial difficulties of the association, family Dürr had decided to start with the Children's Village on their private plot.

The first children's house is built.

In October 1999, Gudrun travelled with two of her children, Denise and Pascal, for three month to Kenya. There she had to note that three month are not sufficient to take care of all paperwork and visits to the authorities. Therefore, she had decided to stay in Kenya.

the first children's house is built..... The well house in 1999 on the private plot of family Dürr..... top right the water tank.... The well house is rendered and the roof is covered..... The first aid transport to Kenia. The with relief supplies loaded car was four weeks on the way with a ship.... Many drugs and medical devices were forwarded to the public hospital..... Unfortunately, one of our workers rammed a palm tree two month later ...... A picture is often worth a thousand words...... Denise, Gudrun and Pascal named the plot due to the magnificient view 'Nice-View'.... children's house on the plot of family Dürr was finished end of 1999....