2000: Impressions

In only 5 month, Gudrun has manage the impossible, and thanks to her selfless and tireless effort, the Children's Village Nice-View-Children's Village could be opened on 13 March 2000 and the first 8 children could be accommodated.

With a good deal of trouble, Gudrun got the permission for a Children's Village from Kenya's government on 31 October 2000.

Opening of the Nice-View-Children's-Villages on 13. March 2000 !!!! Here the first children were picked up and brought to the Nice-View-Children's-Village.... The children in 2000 ..... The children in public school uniforms -  Amina, Haji, Mwanasha small, Fatuma, Mwanahalima, Saumu & at the very front Kahindi The children in public school uniforms in 2000 .... Denise with her school friend...... Pascal and Kahindi  2000..... Pascal, Gudrun, Denise and Kahindi 2000..... Suleiman with his Easter basket...... At the crossing in Msambweni you find our board that points out our children's village; approximately 3 km from here... Georg Birkle & Marcel Dürr came for a visit in 2000.... Pascal, Gudrun & Denise doze peacefully in thoughts with the upcoming day.....