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August 2018: Ultrasound

Dear sponsors, friends and supporters,

We are proud to inform you that we can offer ultrasound scans in the Nice View Medical Centre now. Once a week we are supported by a specialist who performs ultrasound examinations when medically necessary.

The ultrasonic device was part of the latest container delivery. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this possible!

We would like to further expand our health care services. Therefore we are looking for an anaesthetic machine that we intend to buy in Kenya (for guarantee reasons and for spare part procurement). The cost will be approximately EUR 15 000.

In addition we are still in desperate need of an ambulance that will enable us to quickly take patients with complicated diseases to another clinic. Theoretically it is possible to request an ambulance in such cases. However, in reality it often happens that no-one answers the phone orthat no ambulance is available.

We hope for further donations.


Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß