Eliana and Liam

The twins have developed splendidly in the last few weeks. Since the team in Kenya did not want to separate them, they are now for the time being together in a room in the boys house. However, they are quite active at night and thus disturb the general night's sleep. Later they will move to the girls house, which is more central located and currently being renovated.

The twins will stay permanently in the Nice View Children's Village and will be accompanied on their way to independence. Like all other Nice View children, the first of whom have successfully completed education or studies.

A few words on the subject of adoption: Adoption abroad has not been allowed in Kenya for several years. Also, the Nice View children are generally not available for adoptions. In addition, in Kenya you can not choose the children you want to adopt yourself. You will be notified by the competent authority.

However, sponsorships can still be taken over for the twins. All information can be found here.

If the older siblings or the grandparents of the twins need help, the youth welfare office will approach Nice View. Until then, support via Projekt Schwarz-Weiß or the Nice View Trust Foundation is unfortunately not possible.

We hope for your understanding.

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß