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Monday, 12. March 2001


On 12 March 2003, the youth welfare office brought Alina (about 7 months old) to the "Nice View Children's Village". She was abandoned by her mother but luckily found by people passing by who brought her to the youth welfare office. She was immediately examined by a physician, also an AIDS test was performed, which was unfortunately positive. We were deeply touched, she was the first HIV positive child in "Nice View Children's Village'. We immediately reported the test result to the youth welfare office and were told that there are two homes for HIV positive children in Nairobi which are mostly overcrowded. Until now, the youth welfare office did not undertake anything and we needed to find a solution ourselves. We contacted Germany to find out as many as possible concerning AIDS, tests, cure possibilities, etc.. Now we know that the conducted Elisa-Test is only a rough test which is very inaccurate concerning the determination of antibodies. But it is the only test carried out here in Kenya. Now it is unsure if Alina is really HIV infected or infected with an other virus. A so-called PCR-test would give clarity, but is not performed in Kenya. Since the cure possibilities of babies are very high, we do not want to lose valuable time and would like to get her treated in a proper way as soon as possible. Alina is now with us since March and has already a place in our hearts. She is such a kind baby and thankful for all kind of attention she can get. She had a bad Malaria disease and was treated at once. Now we are still awaiting the decision of the youth welfare office, but based on past experiences we know that this can last months. We feel responsible for Alina and will do everything to help her. Of course we are also responsible for the other children and we collected a lot of information about precautionary measures to be taken and which important rules need to be complied with not to endanger anybody.

Alinas mother was picked up buy the police and imprisoned. Her parents were informed and it came to a hearing at which Alina's grandparents were present. The grandparents were not glad about what their daughter has done. They like to take over now Alina to take care of her. They know that she is perhaps HIV positive. The court has now decided that Alina will stay with her grandparents and will not be handed over to her mother.


5 months later...
On 6 August 2002, at court, we had to hand over Alina to her grandmother. The farewell from Alina was very dramatically. She was crying terribly, since she stayed now for almost 5 months at the "Nice View Children's Village" and did not know her grandmother at all. We hope that her grandparents will look well after Alina and we will contact her family frequently to find out how she is doing. Due to the fact that Alina is now very far away from us, we have informed the youth welfare office in Nairobi so that they take care of Alina's welfare by frequently sending employees to Alina's family. 

Sadly, we have to notice quite often that there is not a lot of support from the Youth Welfare Office responsible for the Kwale district. The office is most of the times not staffed and they have no phone. For the most part we have to spend a lot of time and require a lot of patience if formalities for the children must be dealt with.

Followup: A friend has visited Alina at her grandparents place, and we can report that Alina is very well!  Further HIV tests are negative what means that earlier tests were only positive because her mother had already built antibodies.