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Wednesday, 5. January 1994


Amina lived with her grandmother after her father died. Her mother is in a clinic for mentally disabled people. She never went to school, since her grandmother and her family are very poor and nobody could come up with the required school fees. When Amina came to Nice View, she was very scared and socially inhibited. Now she is a very balanced child and is always cheerful. She feels at home in Nice View. Amina goes since 2001 to a private school. In her spare time she likes to play “Mensch ärgere Dich nicht” or other games and to tingle.

Amina is a nice, helpful and still very balanced girl, and you can feel that she is thankful to be with us. With her grandmother and her mentally disabled mother, who visits her from time to time, she would not have had a real chance. She plays a lot with our small ones, and we could imagine that also Amina will work for us as a mother later on. She likes to tinker and belongs to the ones that sing and dance especially passionate


In 2008, Amina is repeating form 7, and we keep our fingers crossed that she can now, 3 quarters after she had switched schools, improve her performance (we had decided to let all of our children change the school since the situation at the previous one was intolerable). Her special feature: her sly smile.

July 2009: In the school in Diani only good pupils are moved up since end of last school year. This means only pupils with at least 350 points out of 500. Since from our children only Francis would have been moved up we were forced to find another school for our older children. Therefore, Amina attends now again a Primary School in our village Msambweni. This school is supported by a Dutch foundation and has a higher standard compared to other schools in the closer surroundings. Another advantage is that the children do not have to leave home that early and that they are back at home earlier. In addition, they can take lunch in Nice View II. We hope Amina will finish Primary School with success end of the year. However, we are prepared that her marks might not be good enough to be taken in by a Secondary School. But perhaps she is going to surprise us!

February 2010: Amina has finished Primary School in the meantime, but with a slightly disappointing outcome. However, since it is her big ambition to continue going to school, we have decided sending her to a Secondary School under the condition that she improves her performance. As a result Amina attends a Secondary School at the North Coast, the Tarasaa Highschool in the Tana River District. This is a boarding school what means she comes home during holidays every 3 months only.

November 2010: Also Amina is relatively far away from home, and we are always happy when she comes home during holidays. The performance of her at school is reasonable.

April 2012: Since we were not happy with the school at the North Coast, Amina attends now a secondary school in our village. However, this is also a boarding school, and she is at home only during school holidays. Amina is now in class 11 and would like to become a confectioner or a journalist. Since she is still not a good performer, confectioner is much more realistic. Amina is quiet, very neat and has become a likeable young girl.

November 2013: It's time to let her go.
Amina finished Secondary School end of this year and decided to take care of herself as of now. She lives together with her boyfriend now and wants to take care of her education and employment career herself.
We are not happy about her decision, but have to accept it, and wish her all the best for her journey through life. She will always remain a part of the Nice View family.
Amina was one of the first 8 orphans that were admitted, could in over 13 years in Nice View become independent and we would like to thank you dear sponsors, supporters and friends for your support.