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Sunday, 17. October 1999


Anna has been with us since November 2001. Her single mother died in a car accident and she later came to live with her grandmother, who got then very ill. We decided to accommodate her. She had a hard time and was very fearful at first, cried a lot and did not speak a word. But she settled down very fast in Nice View. Meanwhile she talks a lot, sings, dances and plays with the other children. Anna feels now at home in Nice View and pleases us. We got fond of her and she has now a special place in our hearts. She has attended the private kindergarten since February 2002.

Our 'little' Anna started school in 2006 and is proud to belong now to the bigger ones. She and Leah spend a lot of time together, and it was certainly much easier for Leah to get used to going to the kindergarten since Anna was always with her. Anna is a very affectionate child, who loves to play with the little ones and enjoys having our babies on her arm.


2008: Changing schools has benefited Anna a lot and we are especially happy about her very polite manners which she has acquired since then. This is something we value a lot in our Nice View school. Keep it up, Anna! For several weeks now, Anna, Leah and Lavenda have taken ballet lessons and we are already invited to their first performance.

July 2009: Our Anna is sometimes somewhat difficult, what leads sometimes also to problems in the school On the other hand her performance in school is quite well and she participates full of enthusiasm in the drama working group. She is somewhat wild, but with lots of attention this will certainly turn to positive in future.

November 2010: Anna is very helpful and has, as also confirmed by her teachers, changed in a positive way. She is now in class 5 and has gladly participated in this year’s music festival.

April 2012: Anna is now in class 6 and an average performer. She plays foot- and volleyball and attends the drama club. She is at the moment in an awkward age and is sometime not respectful enough.

October 2013: Anna was always very helpful and helps in the children’s home a lot in the household. She is now in class 7, an average performer, but tries to improve. We keep your fingers crossed.

January 2016: Anna attends in the meanwhile class 10 (form 2) of a secondary school in the vicinity of Nyeri and surprises us at the moment with good marks. Anna is quiet, somewhat withdrawn and can plait hairs very well.

January 2017: Regretfully, Anna is again with her grandmother. In the months before the Nice View Team, a psychologist and her teachers looked after her a lot, since she had big problems in dealing with peers. Unfortunately, their efforts were without success and by the advice of the psychologist and in consultation with the youth welfare office it was decided to no longer accommodate her in the children’s home. However, if her grandmother should find a school that takes her in and if Anna does not refuse continuing going to school, the costs for her education will still be absorbed.

We are very sad that Anna turned down any offered help.