On Friday, 05 December 2008, I (Gudrun Dürr) accompanied the sick Mwanasha to our general practitioner Dr. Mashanga. In the clinic I received a phone call from the Youth Welfare Office with the request if we could accommodate additional children.


On Friday, 05 December 2008, I (Gudrun Dürr) accompanied the sick Mwanasha to our general practitioner Dr. Mashanga. In the clinic I received a phone call from the Youth Welfare Office with the request if we could accommodate additional children. They approached us, since recently two difficult cases were assigned to another home in Ukunda. Knowing that until some of the children have moved to Nice View II - after the admission of 10 new children in 2008 - we are bursting at the seams. However, we are flexible, and it was clear that we are going to accommodate Antony and Teresia. I called my co-worker Mshila, who was in Ukunda at that time, and he drove to the police station where the children were. Mshila made inquires and informed me via the phone. A social worker of the church had received an anonymous phone call. According to the caller, Antony and Teresia were left behind with an old woman that is no relative and not capable to take care of the children. The police had picked the children up and had informed the Youth Welfare Office. The mother who had abandoned the children was not known at that time. I instructed Mshila to bring the two to Nice View, and after having taken care of all formalities the children were with us still that day. Although we were expecting twins, we could hardly believe that we have twins in front of us. Teresia is significantly stronger than her brother, can walk and looks despite malnutrition like a 2 years old child. Antony is substantially slighter and has the build of an 8 months old child; he can neither stand nor walk. Furthermore, he does not make any attempts to crawl or to move in any other way. His behaviour is reverse. Antony is considerably more communicative than his sister, laughs, makes sounds and imitates everything you show him. Theresa does none of this. She looks rather sceptical and prefers to keep a straight face. Even though we do not exactly know how the living circumstances at the house of the mother were, it is clear that the children were heavily neglected and in their mother's way. In the following days the police searched for the mother and was successful. She is divorced and makes her living as a prostitute. The woman got arrested and was remanded in custody. On Monday, 8th of December, we visited the mother in prison. Her narratives concerning the abandonment of their children were implausible, and she must count on a charge and a prison term. She gave us the phone number of her divorced husband, who had seen the children after the divorce sporadically only. He explained Antony's condition with various diseases the boy has had. The father is currently unemployed, and also his living and family conditions do not allow him to take care of Antony and Teresia. He asked us for visiting the children from time to time. And already the next day he came to Nice View and has spent one hour with his children in the new environment. We are confident that Antony and Teresia will settle fast in Nice View and that they will overcome their physical and behaviour shortcomings soon - as all the other children.


June 2009: Antony is a happy and not difficult child. However, he starts only now to stand and to make first steps. Also he hardly speaks. We hope he will develop further on in a positive way but take into account that Antony might be slightly disabled.

November 2010: Since lately Antony goes to kindergarten and develops currently much better. He speaks now, and also his coordination skills have improved. However, sometimes he is still a little over-challenged and can for example not understand why he can not get sweets and balloons constantly.

April 2012: Unfortunately, Antonys’ physical develpment is still somewhat delayed and he has difficulties to keep up during physical activities. That’s one of the reasons why he is not attending the Reception Class yet. He is a bit scared, very affectionate and speaks in the meanwhile a lot and quite good. Although the pronounciation is not always completely correct. 

November 2013: Antony can still not keep up with his twin sister Teresia and the other children and is, therefore, still in kindergarten. He speaks English quite well and can also express himself well. However, he enjoys setting traps for others and is very happy when he was successful.

January 2016: Unfortunately, Anthony is one of our problem children. Due to his learning disability, he's still unable to go to school. That's why we're desperately trying to find a special needs teacher for him. In spite of his learning difficulties and a slight physical handicap he's an active, happy child who likes playing football.

November 2019: We are very glad to see that Antony made his way into class 3. Anyway, we hope that we will soon find an opportunity to support him even better according to his special needs which is not easy in Kenya! Now and again, he and his twin sister Teresia spend a few days with their aunt and uncle who live in Germany and come for regular visits.