Aoron Paul Oloo

Aaron is sixth born in a family of seven children.


DREAM: Journalism

Aaron is sixth born in a family of seven children.

Although both parents are alive, life is difficult to the family. The parents struggled to educate their children up to secondary level but they weren’t able to educate them further due to financial constraints. Furthermore, all these children are jobless.

Haron’s consistent absence from school due to lack of school fees, contributed to his academic fluctuations. However, Aoron is determined to learn and basically pursue his dream- journalism.

We have taken an initiative of enrolling him into our school - Nice View Gratitude Academy - to enable him achieve his ambition.



Aoron finished the Nice View Gratitude Academy end of 2013 with a very good result (383 A-) and attends since beginning of 2014 a secondary school.

The results 2014 (form 1/class 9): B/B-/C+

The results from 2015 (form 2/class 10): C/C/C

Since for the children from outside, mostly from Slum Bangladesh in Mombasa, almost no donations were received and the donations amount in general declined, we had to terminate the support of Aaron end of 2016.

Also in respect that for more and more children of the children’s home the secondary school, the university or the college needs to be financed and not to endanger other sub-projects, this decision was inevitable.