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Baby Daniel finds refuge in Nice View


Tuesday, 28. May 2013


On Sunday morning, 2nd of June 2013, we received a phone call from the local police. A baby was abandoned near Ramisi River.

Gudrun and Denise went to meet the police immediately in the hospital in Msambweni.

A woman went notice of a crying baby by the wayside and alerted the authorities. In the hospital first examinations were made. The navel was inflamed and had to be treated. Thereafter Gudrun and Denise took the little one to Nice View where all children welcomed 'their' new brother.

It is common that the Nice View children pick a name when we have an addition to the family who is nameless. It did not take long and they agreed on Daniel Baraka.

The next morning we went again to the hospital to request a Child Health Card. This card is required to apply for a birth certificate in order to avoid that the children get later problems with the authorities and to allow them to apply for identifications cards, etc.

In 5 to 6 weeks Daniel needs to go to the hospital again for an HIV test. We hope that he is HIV negative and can stay in the children's home.

We wish the youngest addition to the family all the best and a great time in Nice View.


The date of birth was determined in the hospital. Begin of June Daniel weighs already 3 kg.

November 2013: Daniel grows and develops very well also thanks to Moringa powder which is produced by dried leaves of the by far most nutritious plant. He has round cheeks , starts to baby talk and gets already some carrots.
Daniel is HIV negative.

Januar 2016: Daniel is an intelligent little guy who can speak English very well already. He is very popular and likes playing soccer very much. Besides he is very active. After one year in the baby group of the kindergarten he is joining the play group since the beginning of this year.