In July 2007, a local acquaintance told me about a mentally unstable woman in an advanced state of pregnancy spending everyday in a shopping centre near the tourist centre Diani Beach.

In July 2007, a local acquaintance told me about a mentally unstable woman in an advanced state of pregnancy spending everyday in a shopping centre near the tourist centre Diani Beach. My acquaintance asked me for advice, how this woman could be helped. We decided to observe her and to talk her into giving birth to her baby in a hospital. This wasn't easy but most of the shop owners in the shopping centre were prepared to help the young woman. Little Caroline was born on July 10, 2007 and was well cared for by all the helpers. I got to know the very pretty, neatly dressed woman. At first sight she seemed to be a completely normal young woman and she proudly showed me her baby. However, she talked confusedly and gave incomprehensible answers to my questions. The young mother and Caroline lived in a rented room and for a short time she took great care for her baby. However, when Caroline was three months old, her mother suffered a relapse. She got drunk almost daily and probably took quite a lot of drugs as well. We don't know exactly how she was able to finance her consumption of alcohol and drugs. At that time I stayed in Germany and learned about these tragic news only in December by telephone. From Germany I informed the Youth Welfare Office without delay. However, they did not send any help because the responsible officers were not at work but already on their Christmas holidays. The political situation in Kenya at that time was very precarious and hardly anyone cared for Caroline's situation. A few days after I had returned from Germany, the shopping centre burned down almost completely but nevertheless, my acquaintance still looked after Caroline who meanwhile was five months old. Caroline's mother had completely forgotten about her baby and she even gave her alcohol instead of mild. After spending a long night in bars and discotheques (Caroline was with her), her mother freaked out completely and laid her baby down in the middle of the street and attacked everyone who wanted to safe Caroline. On December 29, 2007, very early in the morning, my acquaintance called me and asked for my help because she feared for Caroline's life. I drove to Diani Beach at once and went directly to the police department. I filled them in about the situation and two police officers with one police car were placed at my disposal. After a dramatic rescue operation, which took hours, the mother and her baby were finally sitting in the police car and were on their way to the police department. The mother was arrested and put into custody completely drunk and on drugs. I was allowed to take Caroline to Nice View - she was safe now. After a medical examination, we all gave a sigh of relief: Caroline was completely healthy and HIV negative. Her mother was released from custody after a few days - we do not know how this could have happened - and now again spends her time in bars and discotheques. We hope that the political situation in Kenya will stabilize and that the Youth Welfare Office and the Juvenile Court will look into Caroline's case. We hope that she will be allowed to stay with us. We have accepted Caroline in our big "Nice View Family" and everybody takes loving care for our sweet little Caroline day and night.


July 2008: Little Caroline is the favourite of entire Nice View. You just have to take her in your heart when she is smiling mischievously at you. She walks now and we lovingly name her our little 'Dancing Queen’, since she always starts to dance immediately when she is hearing music.

Juli 2009: Caroline is still a very charming girl, and you have to watch her and her playfellow Teresia constantly. The two little ladies continuously contrive something.

November 2010: Caroline goes now to kindergarten and often sings songs she has learned there spontaneously. She is very lively, and we would be happy if she would better listen to us.

April 2012: Caroline (called Caro) attends meanwhile the Reception Class. Unfortunately, she is somewhat inattentive and can hardly keep still. Nevertheless, her performance is good. Caro is always good-tempered, optimistic, cuddly, lively, and regularly makes you laugh. Recently she told me: tell your mother to cut your nails. Well, it is several decades ago that my mother cut my nails for the last time. However, it shows how much importance is attached to appearance and hygiene in the children’s home.

November 2013: Caroline is still very energetic. She is already a little lady and likes to get dressed up. When she has then two small balls under the t-shirt and wears a hat one can already imagine how she will look as teenager. She is now in class 1.

January 2016: Caro is now in class 3 with Teresia. She is a little hyperactive, therefore often inattentive and due to this probably worse at school than she could be. Whenever possible she gets special care, but this is not very easy to organize in Kenya. She likes singing and dancing. When she is allowed to be the leading dancer or singer she gets shining eyes and is blissful whenever she gets any praise.

November 2019: Caro is now in class 5 and we hope that she will manage to concentrate more on her lessons in the future. She is still very vivid and loves to perform solo parts in the Nice View band. But she's also a little rascal who keeps us all on our toes.