David Magiri (BONVENTURE, Boni)

On Friday, 13 February 2009, two siblings, who are situated in an extreme emergency according to the Youth Welfare Office, were adopted. The girl, Trix is 9 years old, her brother Boni 11.


On Friday, 13 February 2009, two siblings, who are situated in an extreme emergency according to the Youth Welfare Office, were adopted. The girl, Trix is 9 years old, her brother Boni 11.

To date we do not know the exact story of the siblings, there are a number of contradicting stories, and Gudrun and our social worker Cosmas are currently investigating the case. The traces even lead to Western Kenya.

Just one is for sure: it is a long and very sad story. However, the siblings are save now and have found a new home in Nice View.

Via the Youth Welfare Office the parents from Boni and Trix came to Nice-View and wanted to pick up the children. The children refused to accompany their parents, and still in the same night we have agreed with the Youth Welfare Office that for now the children stay with us. 

After longer talks with the parents, the children and the Youth Welfare Office it turned out that the children are telling the truth. The parents treated their children like slaves and told everywhere that their children are telling lies. Boni should even be brought to a home for children with behavioral problems.

We are convinced that the children are telling the truth and have filed a guardianship application together with the Youth Welfare Office at the Juvenile Court. This is the only possibility to protect the children from further hard work and suppression.


In the meantime Boni has well settled in the children's village and the school (Nice-View-Gratitude-Academy) and has made friends. We have the impression that he feels comfortable and will hopefully forget this sad yesterdays soon.

July 2009: Boni, also named David, is very proud and seems to have a good sense of justice. That’s probably why he has sometimes problems to fit into the group of older boys. He seems to be quite intelligent, however, has some problems to keep up in school. Perhaps he should not have been put in class 5 already. We will discuss this with the school management and if necessary we will arrange he is downgraded.

November 2010: David’s school performance has significantly improved. He is currently in the 6th form and head boy. Also he practices Taekwondo und has the yellow belt already. He still likes to dance, has participated in this year’s music festival and is member of the Nice View football team. However he has now reached puberty, and it is easy for the younger boys to provoke him. And even we have sometimes our fights with him. Also in Kenya teenagers are not always easy to handle.

April 2012: We had our fights, and we still have them from time to time. However, we can not imagine Nice View without David. He lovingly takes care of the small ones and enforces discipline and order in the boys’ house. Furthermore, he helps a lot in the children’s home, for example in the garden but preferably in the kitchen. He likes to bake and to cook. David is now in class 7, a good performer and pretty sporty (football, volleyball, dance). In addition, he does not avoid any competition. No matter if it concerns Taekwondo, tag war or chess. In the meantime it turned out that his father is not his biological father.

October 2013: David is good in school, studies a lot, even in the weekend, and we are convinced that he will be admitted by a good Secondary School after successfully finishing class 8. He helps still a lot in the children’s home, has an highly developed protective instinct and likes to cook and bake. Hard shell, soft core.

March 2014: David finished class 8 with an A- end of 2013, goes now to Secondary School and comes home during holidays only.We, especially Timo, miss him already now.

January 2016: David attends in the meanwhile class 11 (form 3) of a secondary school in Western Kenya. Since it is a quite good school that admits first-rate students only, we are somewhat confused because David and his fellow pupils deliver just an average performance. David, though, is very determined and reliable and we are confident that he will come up in the world. He still likes to cook and bake, helps a lot in the kitchen and would like to study hotel and tourism management later.

July 2018: David (by now of legal age) has now decided to live his life independently. We think this to be somewhat premature but he wants to be on his own.
David finished secondary school end of last year and could have been starting an apprenticeship at a good hotel in Mombasa once the applied-for ID was ready to be collected.
His attained average in school was unfortunately not sufficient in order for him to take up post-secondary studies.
Gudrun Dürr had arranged for this apprenticeship since he had already desired a traineeship in the hotel and tourism industry. We are looking forward to where his path into independence will lead him and will support him, if he so wants.
We wish David all the best for his path in life.