On 29 June 2011, we received via email the information that in the slum ‚Bangladesh’, district Mikindani, 6 sibblings are in need. Immediately we drove to Mombasa to inform us on the spot.

On 29 June 2011, we received via email the information that in the slum ‚Bangladesh’, district Mikindani, 6 sibblings are in need. Immediately we drove to Mombasa to inform us on the spot. Firstly we spoke with the mayor, the 2nd District Officer (D.O.) as well as with the Volunteer Children Officer (V.C.O.). Thereafter we drove to the children’s place of residence. They were left behind at their aunt’s and uncle’s place approximately 4 months ago, and what we saw was quite shocking. They were accommodated in a former hen house and the smell was breath-taking.

Their aunt (sister of their mother) told us that her husband does not want the children, since it is already quite hard for them to bring up their 4 own children. Furthermore, he would beat her in the presence of the children since he holds her liable for the entire situation. While the aunt only wants the best for the children. In addition, the aunt as well as the older children told us about the alcohol problem of the mother, that she has no education and could not find a job. At the moment nobody can tell where the mother is. The father, a Tanzanian, had left his family already months before. The aunt will try to find out where the mother could be. Besides she will try to get clinic cards for the children and will take care of the birth certificates.

After visiting the children’s place of residence, we went to the police and reported the incidence. The parents are now officially wanted by the police and will be brought to court if they are found. After that we went to the Youth Welfare Office in Mombasa and got a transfer letter. The Youth Welfare Officer was amazed and thankful for our cooperation. In entire Mombasa and in the district Msambweni no other children’s home was willing to accommodate the 6 siblings. Thanks to Nice View the children (Neema 13 yrs, Amani 11 yrs, Deborah 7 yrs, Agape approx. 6 yrs, Baraka approx. 6 yrs and Moses 2 yrs) can now stay together.

August 2011: Deborah is very quiet, but ambitious and eager to learn. She loves to read books, likes to play board games (for example Memory), and it is amazing how fast she has improved her English.

Neema III, Baraka, Amani and Moses II leave Nice-View

After the 6 children were with us for several months already, we had to find out that just Agape and Deborah lived under the inhumane conditions described above. The other 4, their cousins and not their siblings, stayed with their parents. But since the aunt of all 6 children and the parents of Neema III, Amani, Baraka and Moses II were after a financial support for all of them, they told the children not to tell that they have parents. However, they did not expect that we would take the children with us to Nice View right away.

Months later the parents of Neema III, Amani, Baraka and Moses II got in touch, the truth came out, and it became clear that we have to hand back the children.

Neema III was thereafter very relieved since she did not have to tell lies anymore, and Amani said that he would preferably just visit his mother to be sure she is fine and then return to us.

Nevertheless, the 4 were picked up by their parents on 20. December 2011. We are still in contact with Neema III and hope they will benefit from the time they spent in Nice View.

Agape and Deborah who are really abandoned will stay with us.

April 2012: Deborah is now in the 2nd class and a good performer. She is hardworking, enthusiastic and well-behaved. She is happy in Nice View and has told us that she had in the past a hard time since her younger sister Agape was their mother’s favorite. 

October 2013: Deborah is very hardworking and has learned English in a reasonable short period of time. Before she came to us she did not go to school and is now with 10 years of age already in class 3 and the best pupil in class. She feels comfortable in Nice View and told Gudrun that she was suffering from the situation that her mother, when she was still alive, favored her younger sister Agape.

January 2016: Deborah is now in class 6 with Shani, Joshua, Fredrick and Amaton. Last year, the friendly, helpful girl was class champion. She likes playing the guitar. Now and again her mother, grandmother and aunt come to visit her and her sister Agape. Regrettably, it is very common in Kenya that children are handed over to the youth welfare office because they seem to be orphans or half-orphans. And then, all of a sudden, the presumably dead parents reappear. This is exactly what happened here.

February 2019: At the end of last year, Deborah graduated from primary school with very good grades and is now attending a secondary school in the Taita Hills (about 3 to 3 ½ hour drive from Nice View). Later, she would like to become a nurse.