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Faima, the younger sister of Mickey and Juma is now with us as well


Friday, 14. November 2003


After we have found out that the mother of Mickey and Juma is still alive, we arranged a meeting with her concerning the birth certificates of her sons. Since the meeting took place at the home of their grandmother, Mickey and Juma as well as Mwanajuma and Ibrahim (their mothers were sisters) joined us. At their grandmothers’ place we got to know Faima, the younger sister of Mickey and Juma, who lived in miserable circumstances with her grandparents in the bush at that time. Her grandmother is partly paralyzed and there are even more children to be taken care off.

When Mwanajuma was about to leave (she took care of Faima in the past), Faima was heavily crying, and her mother decided to take her with her. There we went to see her a few days later and noted immediately that Faima does not look well.  She was very skinny and her eyes were yellow. Her mother by contrast wears expensive clothes and has also an expensive mobile phone. However, lives in poor circumstances, and we think about prostitution or drugs, since she works only a few hours per week in a home. Fear that she wants to prostitute Faima. Therefore, to protect her and to make it possible that she can grow up together with her brothers, we decided on 19 May 2001 to admit her in Nice View.


August 2011: Faima is very happy to be with her sister and three brothers. For her they are one family and she does not distinguish between her brothers and her cousins. Her grandmother died in the meantime, but her mother visited her end of July. Faima is very lively and affectionate.

April 2012: Faima is now in the 1st class, but has some difficulties in the school and still needs to develop her potential. She is a happy and lively child, and it is amazing how good she looks now and how pretty she has become.

October 2013: Faima is very lively, happy, cheerful and thankful to be finally together with her brothers Mickey and Juma as well as with her cousins Ibrahim and Mwanajuma. When her mother visits her, she does not cry when she leaves again, but when she did not bring enough cookies. Since she did not attend school before she came to us she has a didactic deficit and is now with 10 years of age in class 2.

January 2016: Faima is now in class 5 with Jolene, Mona and Steven. She's an average learner. The bright, friendly girl who likes playing the drums became friends with Betty.

June 2018: If possible in any way, the Kenyan youth welfare center strives to reintegrate children into their families. Faima has thus been living with her mother for w while now.
Her mother has remarried and her now stable financial circumstances even allow for her to pay the fees for Faima’s education.
Faima surely learned a lot in Nice View that will be of use to her in her later life.
Her brothers Mickey and Juma are still living at the children’s village, are doing an apprenticeship and once they are reaching legal age, we will search for suitable opportunities that provide them with a sustainable future. (Children are usually only allowed to stay in a children’s village until they have reached legal age.)