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Saturday, 31. July 1993


Fatuma and Mwanahalima lived with their very poor grandmother after the death of their mother (they never knew the father). Since she could not take care of two children, the children got separated and Fatuma came to an aunt. Both had no possibility to go to school. Fatuma is a quiet and a kind child. She has made many friends at Nice View with whom she plays, sings, dances and laughs. Since January 2002, she goes to a private school and has improved her grades.

When doing the entrance exam for the private school, Fatuma was one of the best and is now already in the 7th form together with the older girls Mwanasha big, Mwanahalima and Amina. She is still pretty good in school and spends a lot of her free time in front of the computer. She is still a quiet and kind girl, astute smiling from time to time.


July 2008: Fatuma is now in form 8 (Primary School). After the change of schools (we had decided to let all of our children change the school since the situation at the previous one was intolerable), she has significantly improved her performance. She will probably finish school with a good exam and will likely be accepted by a good Secondary School. The schools choose students based on their leaving certificates. Like her older sister Mwanahalima, she is amongst the ones that take touchingly care of the little ones.

July 2009: Fatuma successfully finished Primary School end of last year and since begin of this year she and Mwanasha Big attend a Secondary School in Nyahururu west of Nairobi. We had decided to send them there, since education is better in the Nairobi area compared to along the coast. However, the school has strict rules, and we have almost no contact to the girls and they are quite homesick. Also for us it is difficult knowing them that far from home after almost 10 years in Nice View. Luckily they have each other, although they are in different classes and bedrooms. Furthermore, they come home for 4 weeks every 3 months. Fatuma is the quieter of the two and usually spends her weekends reading books.

February 2010: After careful deliberation and with a heavy heart, we have decided withdrawing Fatuma of the Secondary School end of December after completion of the school year. Her performance had worsened rapidly, and she did not show any motivation improving it. She has now started with an education as an office junior and is educated by our school secretary and the headmaster. Until now Fatuma enjoys the training, and we hope that she will continue developing in a positive way.

November 2010: After our school secretary resigned a few weeks ago, Fatuma has taken over the school office. She does it very well, and it is remarkable how grown up she has become within the past months.

April 2012: Fatuma has decided to go again to school and attends now class 11 of a secondary school in our village. Since this is a boarding school, she is at home during school holidays only. Her performance is quite disappointing, and she still wants to become a secretary. Fatuma is rather quiet, and has become a likeable young girl.

October 2013: Fatuma will finish Secondary School this year. Thereafter, she, who likes office work and supported us already a while in the office, would like to start at the college with an education as secretary.

June 2014: After a few months traineeship in the human resources department and at the reception of one of the big hotels in Diani, Fatuma is more than ever convinced that becoming a secretary is the way to go for her. We are, therefore, at the moment looking for a suited college for her.

March 2016: Fatuma is already since over one year at a college in Nairobi and will finish her secretary education in the summer. Thereafter she will possibly support us again in the Medical Centre. She has become a friendly, helpful and liberal-minded young girl.

June 2016: Fatuma has finished in the meantime the education as secretary, but still has to take an exam in July. She is now employed in the Nice View Medical Centre and has taken over the reception.

October 2016: Unfortunately, Fatumas teachers did not manage to impart the subject matters in time. Therefore, the final exam will only take place in December. In the meantime, Fatuma will continue supporting us in the Nice View Medical Centre.

February 2017: Fatuma is still employed as receptionist in the Nice View Medical Centre. The result of the final exam, which took place in December, she will receive in March. We are glad that another child is now able to take care of oneself.