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Tuesday, 25. May 1993


As told by Francis: Four brothers had to accept constant changes of location, due to the fathers work. Francis, the oldest, had suffered most, since he had to always change school. In June 2006, he left school in the 5th class. Martin, who is now 7 years old, never went to school. Ndolo is already 5 years old and has never attended kindergarten. Fredrick called "Freddy" is now 2 and 1/2 years old and is actually happy if he gets enough food. The father left the family in June 2006, for reasons unknown to us. The mother went reportedly in July 2006 to look for the father and never returned. The children were all of a sudden alone and had no clue how to survive. In the beginning they could take something for credit in the supermarket, but after 3 weeks they got nothing anymore. The oldest, "Francis", gave the youngest "Freddy" sugar water to keep him alive and had suddenly a big responsibility that almost crushed him. He missed his parents, was worried about his brothers, had suddenly to take care of everyone and felt responsible. There was no sign of life from his parents or any relatives. There was nobody! Nobody to ask questions! Nowhere was help in sight! This was too much for the 13 year old Francis - he was crying a lot due to the hopeless situation (his younger brothers have told us)- and finally he was just hoping to be rescued. On 23August 2006 help came - somebody had informed the police and the Youth Welfare Office. The children were salvaged from their pitiful room and brought to a children's home in Kwale. The press was present and on television everybody in Kenya could follow the dramatic rescue. Unfortunately, the children were not accepted in the children's home in Kwale and always went to sleep crying. A coworker of the children's home took the children with her for one week, but this was no long-term solution. The Youth Welfare Office got again involved and asked us (Nice View Children's Village) if we could take the children. Although we have almost no space at the moment, we have accepted spontaneously, after we have heard the sad story. Despite shortage, we have created space for the four children - there is always a solution. We see now how urgently our new children's home needs to be build! On September 13th, the children came to us and have felt good immediately. An additional dining table was placed and little Freddy became his own potty - there he sits now with our other 8 little ones after each meal and in between. Martin told us today (14.09.06): "Even if our mother is found, I am going to stay in Nice View - it is so beautiful here"! Freddy, the smallest one, spontaneously hugged me (Gudrun) today (14.09.06), when I was wishing the children a Good Morning. I was very emotional due to this spontaneous gesture. Children mainly need love and affection and that's what they get in Nice View! The Youth Welfare Office is now looking with our support for the parents or relatives, and if we should get hints we will go into them. We are now awaiting the results of the investigations. Thereafter, we can say more about how the future of the children will look like. At the moment they are not allowed to attend school - until the investigations are finalized! Until then we will train them in Nice View and will show them what they can do in their free time.

June 2007, the four brothers are still with us. Francis, who went to school irregularly and has surprisingly good marks, attends since May 2007, together with Haji, thanks to a Dutch lady who has founded a charity in The Netherlands, a superior school in Diani (20 kilometers from Msambweni). They were picked, since they belong to our best pupils, and since the Dutch lady wanted to give them the opportunity to further improve their marks, to get later on possibly accepted by a national Secondary School. They are now both in the 6th form of the Primary School (8 forms in total) which will be followed by the Secondary School, and if you are accepted by a national Secondary School you have the best future prospects. Unfortunately, there is also a disadvantage. Haji and Francis are now home even later as the other children. They arrive at 19:30 and have still to shower, have dinner and do their homework, and the next morning they have to get up pretty early. Francis is very life-affirming and an enthusiastic musician, singer and dancer. No matter if at church or just at home. Lately, he has build a drum set, composed of buckets, drums and lids, together with our carpenter.


July 2008: Francis is now in form 7, and we are still positively surprised how good Francis assimilated. It was the first time that we accommodated an older child, and we were not sure what to expect. However, based on the experiences with Fancis, we would do it again at any time.

July 2009: In the school in Diani only good pupils are moved up since end of last school year. This means only pupils with at least 350 points out of 500. Since from our children only Francis would have been moved up we were forced to find another school for our older children. Therefore, he attends now again a Primary School in our village Msambweni. This school is supported by a Dutch foundation and has a higher standard compared to other schools in the closer surroundings. Another advantage is that the children do not have to leave home that early and that they are back at home earlier. In addition, they can take lunch in Nice View II. We hope that Francis finishes Primary School with success end of this year and that we can find a good Secondary School for him. Together with Haji and other boys from the village he plays successfully in the Nice View football team.

February 2010: Francis has finished Primary School as best of 4 or even 5 senior years in the meantime - even so with no outstanding result.  However, since Francis clearly shows potential, he visits a Secondary School in Kwale as of recently. This is a boarding school what means he comes home during holidays every 3 months only. Our younger ones are not too happy about this since with Francis the Nice View host is missing who was always playing and dancing with the younger children.

November 2010: If the children have studied a new dance, it is more than likely that Francis was the choreographer and this despite the fact that he is only home during school holidays. His school performance is at the moment very good.

April 2012: Francis is now in class 11, but his performance is currently quite disappointing. However, he has promised to improve and that is also a requirement if he wants to become a social worker - still his career aspiration. Francis is still THE dancer of Nice View. However he is in competition with David and Michael with whom he is regularly performing. Francis has become a likeably young man.  

October 2013: Francis supports us already since quite a while in the office, attends computer courses and has now a driver license. He is still passionate about music, dance and football - and already a while back girls were added to it.
June 2014: Francis could have started with an apprenticeship in a holiday resort but has decided to leave the doors open and to finish Secondary School. He repeats class 11 at the moment.

January 2016: Francis finished end of 2015 secondary school (class 12) and is currently waiting for the results. Dependently, he plans to either study international relations of human resources management. To bridge the time until start of study, he is currently assisting in Nice View. Francis has become a well-behaved and open-minded young man.

October 2016: Francis, who got the results of the final exam (a C on average) begin of March, started in September with a yearlong education in Human Resource Management at the Mount Kenya University in Thika. We wish him lots of success! The months before he supported us in Nice View, particularly on the building plot in Nice View II.