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Tuesday, 22. February 1994


On 13 March 2000, Haji came together with his two older siblings Suleiman and Mwanasha to Nice View. In the beginning he had horrible nightmares. Now he sleeps through the night. He was underfed and his body was very weak for his age. At Nice View he gets healthy and nutritious food. Because of that, his health has improved dramatically. He is a very kind boy and always plays practical jokes. His special characteristic is absolute honesty you can rely on. The brothers and sisters Haji, Mwanasha and Suleiman are now going to a private school.

Haji and his two siblings have been handed over by the Court and Youth Welfare Office as orphans. Therefore, we were very surprised, as suddenly the quite young mother was standing in front of the gate. After the death of the father, the grandmother had insisted on keeping all the children - in Kenya the children are the "property" of the father or the father's family, and had chased the young mother away. The mother, re-married, has already another little children, and cannot take care of Haji and his two siblings. Also the children are glad that they can stay with us. They know that living with their mother would mean that, instead of going to school, they would need to get water, collect firewood or work on the field. And the grandmother, who always threatened that she would again take the children away from Nice View, has in the meantime passed away. Haji, who was very shy and underfed when he came to us, is now physically very well developed, self-confident, very reliable and helpful as well as Amaton's best friend. As his siblings, he is very smart and has big plans for the future. Haji enjoys playing football, climbing on trees and is a gifted artist and musician.

Haji attends since May 2007, together with Francis, thanks to a Dutch lady who has founded a charity in The Netherlands, a superior school in Diani (20 kilometers from Msambweni). They were picked, since they belong to our best pupils, and since the Dutch lady wanted to give them the opportunity to further improve their marks, to get later on possibly accepted by a national Secondary School. They are now both in the 6th form of the Primary School (8 forms in total) that will be followed by the Secondary School, and if you are accepted by a national Secondary School you have the best future prospects. Unfortunately, there is also a disadvantage. Haji and Francis are now home even later as the other children. They arrive at 19:30 and have still to shower, have dinner and do their homework, and the next morning they have to get up pretty early.


July 2008: Haji attends since begin of 2008 the 7th class. He is remarkable sporting and like his older sister Mwanasha very gifted in music, has a wonderful voice and is a good dancer. In their free time he and Francis help with repair work or go fishing on the beach. Furthermore, they have helped to finish the playground on the plot of Nice View II.

July 2009: In the school in Diani only good pupils are moved up since end of last school year. This means only pupils with at least 350 points out of 500. Since from our children only Francis would have been moved up we were forced to find another school for our older children. Therefore, Haji attends now again a Primary School in our village Msambweni. This school is supported by a Dutch foundation and has a higher standard compared to other schools in the closer surroundings. Another advantage is that the children do not have to leave home that early and that they are back at home earlier. In addition, they can take lunch in Nice View II. We hope that Haji finishes Primary School with success end of this year and that we can find a good Secondary School for him. Together with Francis and other boys from the village he plays successfully in the Nice View football team.

February 2010: Haji has finished Primary School in the meantime, but with a somewhat disappointing outcome. However, since it is his big ambition to continue going to school, we have decided sending him to a Secondary School under the condition that he improves his performance. As a result Haji attends a Secondary School in the Shimba Hills since recently. This is a boarding school what means he comes home during holidays every 3 months only.

November 2010: At the moment Haji surprises us with a very good school performance. Keep it up!

April 2012: Haji is now in class 11, but his performance is currently quite disappointing. During school holidays he completed an internship at a small safari company. He enjoyed it very much and would like to start there with an apprenticeship after school. It is unbelievable how time flies. The little boy has become a likable young man, and you can make conversation with him now in an adult way.

Oktober 2013: Haji, who did already an internship with a tour company, would like to work later in the touristic industry. He studies hard and we are confident that he will finish Secondary School end of the year successfully.

September 2014: Haji finished successfully Secondary School end of last year and decided, after careful considerations, to terminate his apprenticeship as safari guide, which he started begin of the year, and to apply to university. The decisive factor was the uncertainty in the tourism business. but also that he would have only been allowed to transport passengers and to work as tour guide after a training period of 5 years. The reason behind this is that it is in Kenya only permitted to transport passengers after being for five years in the possession of a driving licence.

Begin of the month he received the eagerly awaited letter of acceptance and will now start this month with the study of Business Management. We wish him lots of success!

October 2015: Haji, who was from beginning on unsure if he should study Business Management or Lectureship decided after a few weeks to switch. He studies now history and geography, is a good student and we are convinced that he will be a good teacher as well.

In the meantime he finished 2 semesters and is now after a long vacation (to allow the students to work and earn money for financing the next semesters) in the 3rd semester. During the vacation he jobbed at a safari company.

March 2019: Haji, one of the first children admitted to the Children's Village almost 20 years ago, successfully completed his teaching studies at the end of last year. So good that he could have gone on with the master right away. However, he has decided to first gain experience in practical work and to further his education during the school holidays.

Until he gets his teacher license, he works in the Nice View Gratitude Academy. He teaches therefore since the beginning of January, the classes 4, 6, 7 and 8 in Social Studies. It's great fun. Of course, sometimes there are problems of authority, because for some of the students he is the 'big brother'. He is very skilled and all colleagues praise him.

We are happy, congratulate and wish Haji all the best for his future life.