Ishmael Otieno Olanda

Ishmael is the last born in a family of four children.


DREAM: Lawyer

Ishmael is the last born in a family of four children.

Even though all his parents are alive, life has not been as easy as one would expect. Ishmael’s father works as a casual labourer - cleaner whereas the mother is a house wife. With a meager pay his father gets, he has to cater for all their basic needs. This in turn has been difficult for his siblings to continue with their studies. Ishmael has never been consistent in his studies; he missed several classes more notably classes two, six and seven for as long one whole term. This greatly contributed to his academic fluctuation.

Generally, Ishmael looks to be a very potential boy. 



Ishmael finished the Nice View Gratitude Academy end of 2013 with a good result (363 B+) and attends since beginning of 2014 a secondary school.

The results 2014 (form 1/class 9): A/B/B-

The results from 2015 (form 2/class 10): C+/B-/C+

Since for the children from outside, mostly from Slum Bangladesh in Mombasa, almost no donations were received and the donations amount in general declined, we had to terminate the support to a large extent end of 2016.

Also in the view that for more and more children of the children’s home the secondary school, the university or the college needs to be financed and not to endanger other sub-projects, this decision was inevitable.

Ishmael, who will finish Secondary School end of 2017, will be supported from the already received donations until then. 

Ishmael successfully finished secondary school end of 2017. Until he will start with an education at a college and to kind or return something, he helps us in the children’s home and in the kitchen.

We wish Ishmael all the best for his future!