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Monday, 19. March 2012


On 09 October an approximately 2 1/2 years old girl was brought by the Youth Welfare Office and will stay at least for the time being with us. Due to burns she has bad scars, which were probably never treated right.  Because of a bulge on the chin, she cannot even close the mouth properly.

When she was approximately 5 months old, a kerosene lamp fell over and her mattress caught fire.  At that moment she was alone, her mother was not at home, and rescued by neighbours.

Her mother is not interested in her and the half-brother of her mother is now accused of having raped Jamila. Her mother brought her for examination to the hospital in Msambweni, but left her there alone. In the meanwhile her grandmother arrived from Lamu.

On 13 October the Youth Welfare Office filed a charge and the physician who had examined her first had to provide a report. The half-brother of her mother is now in custody awaiting trial.

The Youth Welfare Office will certainly get in touch soon. Then we will know if Jamila will stay with us.


November 2014: We assume that Jamila will stay with us. Despite of what happened to her she is a happy child and enjoys to be cared for by our little Mamas (for example Mona or Sarah).

March 2015: Begin of March a team of doctors from Nairobi operated children with cleft lips in the Msambweni County (former District) Hospital. Since we provided 2 operating tables for this, Jamila was included in the program and operated free of charge.

Jamila can now close her mouth and we assume there will also be an visual improvement once everything is detumesced and the stitches have dissolved.

January 2016: Luckily Jamila was operated complimentary again by a team of doctors from Nairobi end of of 2015. They were able to reshape her scars. She is sometimes a little stubborn but despite a friendly and communicative child who is very active acting in the baby group in the kindergarten.