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Tuesday, 15. July 1997


On 06 July 2008, a Sunday morning, Gudrun received a phone call from the police station in our village Msambweni. A small boy had been brought there by a villager. The villager saw the boy all alone on the main road (between Msambweni & Lunga Lunga) and asked him why he was alone that late at night. The boy told him that he was looking for his aunt who lived in Msambweni. He walked alone all the way from the border of Tanzania to Msambweni (approximately 65 km) and had eaten only mangoes. The villager did not know what to do and brought the boy to the police. The boy spent the night there, and after the police officers could not spot any relatives, they called us from Nice View, since it was not possible to accommodate the boy longer at the police station. We came for the boy immediately and he told us his sad story. He is approximately 10 years old and named Joseph. His parents separated when he was still little, and his father had brought him to his new wife; far away from his home. There he was not loved and in the way only. From time to time he also lived at the place of an uncle, who also treated him badly, and Joseph never knew where he belongs. His physical mother he had not seen for years. Then he showed us all the scars on the leg his step mother has caused thru manifold blows with a hard object. A big recent scar on his head originates from a knife - also his step mother.

We brought Joseph to the hospital in Msambweni for examination and several tests were made; the HIV test is already negative. Afterwards we will try to get more information in the village where he had lived at last.


December 2008: our social worker-to-be Cosmas drove twice together with Joseph to the village where Joseph finally lived and has visited his family. All half siblings are well-fed and taken care of very well. However, Joseph came to use entirely underfed.

Joseph is a very good and quite boy who can also come out of his shell. For example when singing a birthday serenade or when playing football.

July 2009: It is still completely unclear to us why Joseph was that unloved in his family. He is quiet and even-tempered, very good in school, will be in class 4 after the summer holidays, and makes never problems. He has a beautiful voice and likes to play football; although he has put his elbow out of joint recently.

November 2010: Joseph is now in class 5, and his school performance is good. Although he seems sometimes disinterested and unenthusiastic, he nevertheless observes always very well and absorbs as much as possible. He is very much interested in the various football techniques and studies them well. A gain for our Nice View football team. Due to his quiet character he is quite popular amongst the other children.

April 2012: Joseph is now in class 6 and continues to be a good performer. Also Joseph is at the moment somewhat difficult due to his age. He is somewhat lazy, but on contrary very motivated and active in school. Football is still quite relevant to him, and he would like to become a professional footballer.

October 2013: Joseph is now in class 7 and should again focus on his school achievement. He is quick at repartee, humorous, one of our best football players and surprises us regularly. He can sing quite well and writes first own songs which he then also records in a studio, alone or with the other children. He had also already his first smaller appearances.

January 2016: Joseph attends in the meanwhile class 10 (form 2) of a secondary school in the vicinity of Nyeri. He is an average pupil, but we are convinced that there is some room for improvement. Joseph is well liked by the other children and is still keen on music and football. He can imagine to do community social work later.

February 2018: In the future, our young adults are increasingly supposed to be reintegrated into their families. 
Hence, our Joseph has been living with his father again since January. A few months back his father showed up at the gates of Nice View and expressed the wish to sign over a property to him. Since then, the two have met a couple of times and Joseph has now moved in with his father and half-siblings to Diani.
Much to our regret he has decided to not finish secondary school but to take up an apprenticeship instead. To nevertheless give him a good start Nice View has decided, in agreement with his father, to finance an apprenticeship to become a motorcar mechanic. Hence, since January he is attending a vocational training unit in Diani. The expenses for room and board are still covered by Nice View and he also receives a small allowance.