On Wednesday, 29 June 2005, we received a call from the Youth Welfare Office with the information that a baby was abandoned in Ukunda. It was brought to the hospital by the police on Sunday, and Gudrun went to look for the baby at the hospital immediately.

On Wednesday, 29 June 2005, we received a call from the Youth Welfare Office with the information that a baby was abandoned in Ukunda. It was brought to the hospital by the police on Sunday, and Gudrun went to look for the baby at the hospital immediately. She was deeply shocked. The baby was lying alone in a (cold) incubator with the same napkins it had been wearing since Sunday. Because the hospital was understaffed, very few nurses were caring for it. In addition, it had a lot of mosquito bites on its face, and the nurse told Gudrun that ants were all over the baby. Because no other children's home was willing to accommodate the baby, the Youth Welfare Office asked us to house the nursling. Otherwise, it would not have a chance to survive. It is a boy, born on 24.06.2005, weighing 2 kilograms being five days old. Without weighing, if we are financially or personally able to take care of another baby, we have decided to bring the baby to Nice View. We call him JOSHUA --> the name has been chosen by the other children !!!

What would we have missed, if we would not have taken Joshua… Joshua is a very awoken and interested baby that laughs a lot, and the darling of everyone in Nice View. But he has already his own will and has for example found out that you sleep much better on the arm of somebody than in your own bed. Up until now, his mother was not found, and we have retained custody until he is 18 years of age. We are wondering where Joshua is coming from? He is getting somewhat darker now, but we would not be surprised if there would be Asians in his family.

July 2008: Joshua, our little rascal, gives us still a lot of pleasure, but worries us as well. He has had already several times fever convulsions, and each time we had to rush with him to the hospital. Every time he is a brave patient, once he has gotten through the worst. Without refusing he always goes with us to follow-up examinations or treatment, even knowing that it is very likely that he will get another painful injection. In April we went with him to a paediatrician in Mombasa, and he gets now a drug to suppress the convulsion attacks. Unfortunately, he had also under medication one attack, but at the very beginning of the treatment. We hope he will not have seizures for one year, because then he is assumed to be healed.

June 2009: After a few weeks in Nice View II and being very homesick, Joshua moved again to Nice View I. Thanks to drugs that suppress his cramp attacks, he has at the moment no health problems.

November 2010: Since September Joshua is in class one and sleeps during the week in Nice View II. However, in the weekends he usually visits his Mama Gudrun in Nice View I. His health has further improved, and you see him regularly riding his new bicycle.

April 2012: Joshua lives now more or less in Nice View I and is usually only in Nice View II during school time. He is now in the 2nd class and has very good marks. He can argument well and speaks without notes. Joshua likes to swim and to snorkel.

October 2013: Joshua is incredibly eager for knowledge and speaks English very well. The other children even call him a genius. Joshua is very caring, keen as a mustard, very sensitive and now in class 3.

January 2016: Joshua is now in class 6 with Deborah, Shani, Fredrick and Amaton. He's doing well at school. As a talkative boy and a careful observer he always wants to know everything in detail. Joshua is a friendly, funny, attentive and communicative boy and a member of the Nice View football team.

February 2019: At the end of last year, Joshua graduated from primary school with good marks and could now go to secondary school. However, due to his health problems, he is currently repeating the 8th grade. For a 13-year-old, that's not easy to understand.

He complains already since a while about pain in his left hip. It appears now that he suffers from an epiphysiolysis of the head of femur, also named juvenile osteochondrosis of head of femur.This can lead to an insufficient blood supply and necrotizing of the bone. This malposition needs to be corrected and fixed most urgently

For Joshua, who had already suffered in 2014 the loss of his best friend Samuel, another blow of fate.

May 2019: Joshua was successfully operated on April 29th. He is fine, and he already feels very comfortable in Germany.

After spending the first week after surgery in bed, he was allowed to get up for the first time on May 6 and take his first steps. However, he still needs a lot of patience, because he must not burden the leg for weeks.

We assume that his hospital stay will last a total of 2 weeks. After that everything has to continue healing before he can start rehabilitation.

October 2019: After almost 3 months in Germany and trips to, for example, Legoland or Switzerland, Joshua has been back in Kenya since July. Unfortunately, the hip bone is still not completely grown together, and he must not walk longer distances without crutches. But we are in good spirits!

He is currently in the 8th grade and preparing for the final exam.