Leah came to us in August 2001. At that time she was just 3 months old. Her mother was 13 years old and still a child herself. Her grandparents are very poor and do not even have accommodation.

Leah came to us in August 2001. At that time she was just 3 months old. Her mother was 13 years old and still a child herself. Her grandparents are very poor and do not even have accommodation. Leah almost died of hunger. But she was lucky: the youth welfare office was informed. Leah’s mother came to a boarding school for girls and she came to Nice View. Meanwhile Leah is not undernourished anymore and is the sweetie-pie of Nice View.

Since January 2005, Leah is going to kindergarten. She was so looking forward, but has had some difficulties getting used to the unhygienic circumstances. Thereby are the toilets for the kindergartners clearly cleaner than for the pupils. Leah is a small 'whirlwind' with a lot of charm. She is a happy child, but had to get used to not being the smallest in Nice View anymore. At the moment there is no contact to here family.

July 2008: What has our first baby gotten big? Leah goes to school now, and is very happy when she is going to ballet class together with Anna and Lavenda once a week. She is very talented, and since they offered us a special tariff and we were given ballet shoes as a present, we hope we can offer the classes any longer. For the three girls this is a good compensation to school.

July 2009: Leah is good in school and participates in almost all working groups. She enjoys ballet and has become a little taekwondo fighter. After the summer holidays she will be in class 3.

November 2010: Our little Leah is indeed already a Taekwondo blue belt wearer. This means that she, Lavenda and Pascal are the first ones in Nice View with a blue belt. She dances full of enthusiasm and gladly participated in this year’s music festival. Her school performance is still very good, she is now in class 4 and a very optimistic girl.

April 2012: Leah is now in class 5 and still a good performer. She has many friends, is caring, humorous and cheerful. Football is her life and she competes with the boys. There are voices that call for Leah when the Nice View Football Team is about to lose. Actually she belongs in a girls’ team, and we hope we will find one for her.

October 2013: Leah is now entering a difficult age, is somewhat disorientated at the moment and in the school somewhat inattentive. She is now in class 6, still very sporty, plays very well football and was two weeks in a trainings camp of the Kenya long-distance runners in Nyahururu (that’s where all the successful athletes come from).

October 2014: Begin of September Leah’s father visited her for the first time, together with her aunt and her grandmother (she came to us when she was 3 months old).Her mother, who visited her only once when she was still very little, is in Saudi Arabia and works there as maid. Both, her father and her mother, have another 2 children each.

After all these years it was of course exciting for Leah to meet her father and she was somewhat shy and did not speak much.

As present, her father brought a cock. For us the sign to finally start with the chicken project on the sports ground.

January 2016: Leah, our first baby, finished class 8 with a fair result end of 2015 and attends now class 9 (form 1) of a secondary school in Nairobi. Leah is humorous and open-minded, is slowly growing up, has a beautiful singing voice and is still passionate about sports.

February 2019: Leah, attends secondary school since 2016. Since she has decided to change school (she now goes to a school in the Shimba Hills, not too far from Nice View), she has repeated a class. Later she would like to become a social worker. She is still very athletic and already had her first appearances in music videos. Unfortunately, copyright regulations prevent us from posting the videos on our homepage.

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