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Lisa - a newborn comes to Nice View


Wednesday, 6. January 2010


On 09 January, I, Gudrun Dürr, am called to the phone by our accountant Jimmy. It is urgent he says. On the line our social worker Cosmas. The Youth Welfare Office got in touch. A baby, approximately 5 days old, needs to be picked up at the police station in Diani. Immediately I pack some baby clothes, and we drive to Diani.

Once we arrive, no sign of a baby. The ones that have found it have gone for lunch, the policemen say. And indeed, after a short period of waiting, they show up. When we see the baby, a little girl, we realize this is really a newborn.

After having shortly been informed about the circumstances – the baby was found by coincidence, exposed to various dangers, crying in the bushes at 9 p.m. – and right after all papers are signed, we can take the baby with us.

On the way home we stop at a supermarket. We require nappies. The smallest size is not in stock. Still on the parking spot we change the baby, which is bar naked and only scantily wrapped in a blanket. We get frightened when we see the navel. The umbilical cord is still several centimeters long and only provisionally constricted. We decide to immediately consult our general practitioner Dr. Mashanga. Dr. Mashanga is not around but a young physician advises us to regularly disinfect the umbilical cord and prescribes an antibiotic.

Past arrival in Nice View, all co-workers and children welcome the baby, and the little one takes already interestedly note from her environment. After a first bath and small bottle of milk, she falls asleep deeply contented.

We are pleased with our new family member Lisa (the name has been chosen by our other children) and hope that the result of the HIV test, which cannot be performed yet, will be negative.


September 2010: Lisa could in the meantime be tested on HIV. She is HIV negative!

November 2010: Lisa is somewhat afraid of strangers at the moment, but much-loved by all our co-workers and children. David for example enjoys playing with her, and she thanks him with her cheerful character and her warm-hearted smile. She babbles a lot already, crawls and can stand up alone. The first steps will certainly follow soon.

April 2012: Lisa has joined our baby class (kindergarten) a while ago, but is not too happy about it yet. However, she considers herself now superior towards Faith and looks down at her. You can recogize this because she calls Faith now Faitho (baby Faith).  Furthermore, she refuses to continue going on the potty and sitting in the high chair. Lisa speaks English already very well what surprises us over and over again. When she is not feeling well and/or does not want to go to kindergarten you hear her say: I am sick. Lisa is very smart and cheerful, even so she shows from time to time a groomy face. She is very affectionate and always clings to somebodies coat-tails. Her biggest wish at the moment: a cat (cuddly toy) and a soda.

November 2013: Lisa is lively and very affectionate and sometimes quite jealous. But it is difficult to be angry with her, especially since she understands that it is not good to be jealous and tries to change. Lisa also knows very well what she can do and what not and we are not worried that she overestimates herself.

January 2016: Lisa attends school (class 1) since January. By now she is doing good. She takes actively part, works independently, is very inquisitive, wants to know and to be involved in everything. Lisa is a very jolly, popular and open-minded girl. Furthermore she does very well in plaiting hair.