Maimuna (Mona)

Maimuna (4 years), her twin sister Mwanamgeni and her little brother Kea (1 year) joined our Nice View family on 29Jun2009.

Maimuna (4 years), her twin sister Mwanamgeni and her little brother Kea (1 year) joined our Nice View family on 29Jun2009.

After the death of the father the mother was all alone and fully without means. When she could not feed the children anymore she approached the Youth Welfare Office in Kwale and from there Nice View was informed. When we arrived in Kwale, we found a desperate mother with her three completely neglected, small children. The two girls are too small for their age, and we could not believe that they are already 4 years old. All three children have severe swollen bellies what is usually a sign of malnutrition or parasite infestation. When the mother wanted to suckle Kea, we could see her entirely pinched body, and there was no milk for the baby.

We drove with the mother, an older daughter and the three small ones to the hospital in Msambweni. The results of the HIV tests were luckily negative, and in the evening Kea, Mwanamgeni (we call her Mia) and Maimuna (Mona) could start their new life as members of the Nice View Family.

August 2009: Mona, twin sister Mia and her little brother Kea are the youngest of 7 children. Since no children’s home, including us, has the ability to admit 7 children at once, unfortunately, the children had to be separated. The oldest son (approximately 16 years old) could stay with his mother, a around 14 years old girl was taken in by a rescue center (the same center which provided refuge to the young mothers of some of our babies) and two younger girls were accommodated by another children’s home.

Mona is the taller of the twins, however, with her 4 years just as tall as a 2 years old child. Since it is not difficult to distinguish between the twins, we assume they are non-identical. Compared with our other children, both are never in a bad mood. They are befriends to everyone, come running when they see you, and you always get a hug. After the summer break they will go to kindergarten.

November 2010: Mona is darker and initially more reserved and quieter than her twin sister. However once she feels comfortable she is very lively. Since Mia likely suffers from asthma, we will let her undergo a medical examination as well. Mona and Mia are now both in the reception class (preschool).

April 2012: Mona is in the 1st class now. However, she seems to be somewhat overchallenged and does not achieve good marks. Therefore, we believe it would have been better to not send her to school yet. She is hardworking, very caring and looks for instance after Faith. Sie ist lively, cheerful and likes to dance.

October 2013: Mona is a nice and active girl. She is a real water love and for her no water slide is too long, steep or dark. She is on very good terms with the other children, but towards Mia sometimes too dominant. She is now in class 2.

January 2016: Together with Faima, Jolene and Steven, Mona is in class 5. She's an average learner. Younger children admire her for taking care of them as their affectionate "surrogate mother". Sometimes Mona can be moody, but we're sure that this will pass over time.

February 2019: Mona and her twin sister are very athletic. Mona is very talented in the 400 meters and 800 meters run and very flexible. But also a balancing act or yoga exercises pose no problem for her. Also, she likes to play volleyball and is a good volleyball player. Since the beginning of the year she is attending the 8th grade.