Mary Kamau

In April 2008, the village elder of Ukunda found Mary alone on the road in Diani Beach/Ukunda. He took the child to the police in Ukunda.

In April 2008, the village elder of Ukunda found Mary alone on the road in Diani Beach/Ukunda. He took the child to the police in Ukunda. The officers suggested that, for the time being, he take care of little Mary and take responsibility. The village elder agreed and took Mary in. In August, a woman from Mombasa suddenly appeared at the village elder´s home and claimed to be Mary's mother. She didn't have any documents to prove this claim. Since the village elder was afraid that the little girl would be kidnapped, he contacted the police. Together they decided that it would be safer for Mary to not let her stay at the elder's home but to take her to a safer place. On September 11, 2008 the police called Nice View and they asked whether we could adopt little Mary. On September 17, 2008 our member of staff Cosmas went to meet Mary at Ukunda and took her to Nice View. At first we treated all her sores (removed maggots from her feet) and the ringworm (a kind of persistent fungal skin infection) on her head. The next morning, one of our mummies reported that Mary had slept well the first night. Since her third day at Nice View, Mary has attended kindergarten with the other children. At the moment, we have temporary custody for Mary. But if none of Mary's relatives contacts us within the next eight months, full custody will be given to Nice View. The police asked the "alleged mother" to return with documents which proof that she is Mary's mother or one of her relatives. Then however, she has to expect to be taken on remand because she had neglected her child.

July 2009: We are happy to communicate that Mary will stay with us. She is a very open, smart and big-hearted little girl that enjoys to sing and dance. She is doing well in kindergarten and is now in the pre-school kindergarten group.

February 2010: small correction: Mary is in class 1 already.

November 2010: Mary is very social, her school performance is very good and she is now in class two. She is very happy if you read with her story books. She still loves to sing and dance and has, as some of our children, participated in this year’s music festival.

April 2012: Mary is now in the 3rd class. She is a good performer and still reads a lot. She is a nice, neat and quiet child, has not problems with the other children and knows how to behave. She practices Taekwondo and attends the music club. She is a good dancer and can not stand still when she hears music. 

October 2013: Mary is completely uncomplicated, a quiet and balanced but very interested girl you can have good conversations with. She is still good in school and now in class 4.

January 2016: Mary is in class 7 with Mickey, Juma, Sarah and Regina. She's friendly, rather quiet and a good student with musical talent. She plays the keyboard well and often sets the tone when performing with the band. Now and again, Mary acts as lead dancer.

February 2019: Mary graduated from primary school with very good grades end of last year and was accepted at a secodary school in Eldoret. Since Eldoret is about 850 km away from Nice View, the team in Kenya decided against it and was searching for a school for quite some time. She now attends the same school as Deborah in the Taita Hills. Later, she would like to become a nurse.