Michelle (a new baby for Nice View)


Sunday, 11. January 2009


Mr Gitau from the Youth Welfare Office was very hesitant to call us, since he knew at the time that we had no space. However, since he knows we take care of babies very well, he had decided to give it a try.

We received once again a phone call on 21 January 2009. A baby, a small girl, was born in the hospital on 11 January 2009. The mother, who provided a wrong name, left the hospital shortly after the birth. After waiting for the return of the mother for one week, the hospital informed the Youth Welfare Office.

I drove to the hospital at once, and have locked the sweet little baby girl in my heart immediately. She was in the same breeder as our Joshua years before. We had to wait until noon for a mail from the Youth Welfare Office - otherwise the hospital is not allowed to discharge the baby, but then we could pick up the little one.  

All kids surrounded the little girl at arrival and especially my big girls were absolutely delighted. Since she is that small and tender, they were afraid that our 2 to 4 years old would disturb her and asked me to accommodate the little one in my house; at least up until the older girls and some of the kindergartners have moved to the girl's house. 

Of course I have accepted, and get now up 2 to 3 times during the night to take care of little Michelle (our older girls have named her after Michelle Obama). In my bedroom I have now a child's bed and in my living room a baby's changing and bathing unit. I will do everything so that Michelle feels comfortable, because the children are after all the main reason for me being in Kenya.


June 2009: Little Michelle has already her first two teeth and has developed very well. She gets her first meals, likes to stand - although she should not stand yet - and starts to play with toys. She is a very open, friendly and mostly cheerful baby, which gives a lot of pleasure. Also the other children love her and there are often discussions concerning who carries her in one’s arms.

November 2010: Michelle is very resolute, and she repeats now everything you are saying. She likes to play with Tim, and they discover the surroundings regularly. She is also very brave. For example if she is standing in the middle of an anthill and first ants are biting her.

April 2012: Michelle is one of our kindergarten baby class ‚foundation members'. The baby class was introduced last year. She is very charming, but sometimes also a little difficult. Namely when she does not want to listen. She is one of the more dominant children, what is likely due to her assertiveness. Tima, one of the co-workers, is for her her best friend. Therefore, she is always very happy when Tima stays overnight in the girls’ house. For example if one of the guardians is sick or on holidays.

November 2013: Michelle is now in the playgroup (kindergarten). She enthusiastically cheers our football team, likes to set the table and to serve and will later certainly become a waitress.

January 2016: Michelle is now in class 2 with Naomi and Kea and is a good pupil. She is rather quiet, unremarkable, friendly, popular and helpful. She can be very affectionate and likes reading and dancing very much.

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