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Mustafa Awadhi


Friday, 23. June 2006


Mustafa is the first born in this family of two. Both Mustafa and his brother live with their grandparents although both parents are alive. Since the time of his admission to school, Mustafa’s father has been in Middle East and rarely does he come back. He therefore was staying with his mother who is jobless at his grandparents. Besides Mustafa and his brother, his grandparents have also other grandchildren they live with.


Unfortuately, Mustafa's sponsor did not compensate for the school fees for a considerable time. Therefore, the school had to decide with a heavy heart in 2017 to allow school attendance in future only, when the school fees are paid. Regrettably are at the moment neither the Nice View Gratitude Academy, the Nice View Trust Foundation nor the association in the financial position to compensate the omission of the school fees.