Saturday, 24. August 1996


It is difficult to say 'No' when children are in need. Therefore, we decided to accommodate four more children on November 26th, 2008. We wanted to avoid the situation of their getting separated and spread over different children's homes. Since it is now getting quite crowded in the children's house, we pushed on with the furnishing of the girl's house, and hope that the first girls can move in January.

Mwanajuma (13 years old), her brother Ibrahim (12 years old) and their cousins Mickey (7 years old) and Juma (6 years old) lived after the death of their mothers first together with their grandmother. However, the grandmother got again married and actually did not want the children. In addition, we were told that she wanted to force Mwanajuma into prostitution. Later they lived with a relative in the leprosy village. This is a small community of former lepers and their families within our village Msambweni. Since this relative can more or less not do anything with her crippled hands (we see her regularly begging in Mombasa), Mwamajuma had to work a lot on the field and was always responsible for cooking. As it looks now, Ibrahim is the only one that has gone to school.

It took hours to collect the children, we even had to involve the police, since a woman one of the boys was with wanted to attack us. Now they are all save and sound with us, and we can now finally ensure they get all the care they urgently need. As with Mary, innumerable maggots had to be removed from feet and hands, apart from this they were also generally not in a good physical condition. They had all four infectious wounds all over the body.


July 2009: After simulating cramp attacks in the beginning, which always occurred if she was not happy with something, Mwanajuma has now settled in quite well. She belongs to the quieter children, has a very pleasant nature and you can hear Michelle squeak for joy when she is playing with her. She is currently in class 3 and we take it from there after the summer holidays.

November 2010: Mwanajuma is now in class 5. Her school performance is fair, but she is very tidy. Besides she is very friendly and helpful, however, she has mood swings from time to time what might be related to puberty. She is very musical, lead singer and has together with some of the other children participated in this year’s music festival.

April 2012: Mwanajuma gives us at the moment a somewhat hard time. She is sometimes quite tight-lipped and distanced, but than again likeable and helpful. She does not like sports but loves to dance. Mwanajuma is in class 6 now, an average performer and class prefect.

October 2013: Mwanajuma is now in class 7, tries to improve her performance and takes very well care of the children that are newly admitted. No matter if it is Daniel the baby, her younger nice Faima or Regina, the Massai girl.

January 2016: Mwanajuma attends in the meanwhile class 10 (form 2) of a secondary school in the vicinity of Nyeri. She is not a good pupil and we hope that she can improve her marks in the course of the year. Mwanajuma can cook very well and her internship supervisor (she did an housekeeping and cuisine internship during school holidays) supervisor would have loved to offer her a job.