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Mwanamisi Halfani Vunga


Thursday, 2. February 2012


Mwanamisi, Yusuf and Omari are the three last born in a family of eleven children. Their father is a peasant fisherman while the mother is just a housewife. Sometimes with little or no catch, it becomes difficult to provide the family with the basic needs. With such a big family, it’s only through good education that the children will change their lives to better in future.


Unfortuately, Mwanamisi's sponsor did not compensate for the school fees for a considerable time. Therefore, the school had to decide with a heavy heart in 2017 to allow school attendance in future only, when the school fees are paid. Regrettably are at the moment neither the Nice View Gratitude Academy, the Nice View Trust Foundation nor the association in the financial position to compensate the omission of the school fees. Luckily is the family of Mwanamisi after all able to pay the school fees and she will attend the Nice View Gratitude Academy also in future.