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Mwanasha small


Friday, 9. July 1993


Mwanasha lived after the death of her parents with her grandmother under very poor conditions. She could not go to school, since nobody could pay the fees. When she came to Nice View, she was very intimidated and without vitality, but after a short while she was again in love with life. Now she is a very kind and musical girl. With her friends she has entertained us many evenings with singing and dancing. Since January 2002 she goes to a private school and has improved her marks. She is very diligently at school.

In 2007, we have learned that Mwanasha has still a father. However, he does not take care of her at all.

Mwanasha is still pretty quite, but self-confident, and could take over from Mwanasha big the role as lead singer and dancer. She is Mwanasha big's best friend and as Mwanasha big very neat and always well-dressed. She is now in the 6th form and is performing well. She likes doing handicrafts and is, as most of our children, very athletically. During school holidays, she visits here grandmother from time to time.


July 2008: Mwanasha is since the beginning of this year in form 6. Within the change of schools (we had decided to let all of our children change the school since the situation at the previous one was intolerable) she was downgraded. Nevertheless, we are confident that she can improve her performance at the new school. When Lavenda came to us by surprise begin of May, and she had heard her story, she spontaneously offered her bed to Lavenda, sharing a bed with her friend Mwanasha big temporarily. We were very proud of the two and our other older girls. They did almost quarrel for Lavenda, because all of them wanted to share the room with her.

July 2009: In the school in Diani only good pupils are moved up since end of last school year. This means only pupils with at least 350 points out of 500. Since from our children only Francis would have been moved up we were forced to find another school for our older children. Therefore, Mwanasha attends now again a Primary School in our village Msambweni. This school is supported by a Dutch foundation and has a higher standard compared to other schools in the closer surroundings. Another advantage is that the children do not have to leave home that early and that they are back at home earlier. In addition, they can take lunch in Nice View II. We hope Mwanasha will finish Primary School with success end of the year. However, we are prepared that her marks might not be good enough to be taken in by a Secondary School. But perhaps she is going to surprise us! Since Mwanasha Big attends a Secondary School west of Nairobi, Mwanasha Small has inherited the part as leading singer and dancer.

February 2010: Mwanasha has finished Primary School in the meantime and has started an education as tailor at the Polytechnic in Ukunda recently. Mwanasha has always showed interest in fashion, and we are convinced that she will successfully complete the apprenticeship after 2 years. In addition, we are looking forward to the by Mwanasha tailored clothes!

November 2010: Mwanasha has passed the first term, but needs to improve her performance. She is better in theory than in practice. As Fatuma she sleeps in Nice View I, but supports the care of the little ones in Nice View II in the evenings.

April 2012: Mwanasha has successfully passed the 1st examination and is now tailor 1st degree. This year she is now preparing for the 2n examination, goes from time to time to the polytechnic in Ukunda and produces samples at home. Thereafter she wants to sit for a 3rd examination, and hereafter she would be tailor 3rd degree and authorized to train tailors. Mwanasha lives now mainly in Nice View I and supports the tailor there. She has become a neat, open and likeable young girl.

October 2013: Mwanasha has successfully finished her education and works for us as dressmaker now. She would like to go as au-pair for one year to Germany to acquire the language.

February 2014: We rented a small shop begin of the month which is directly located at the through road and Mwanasha and our tailor happily moved in there with their sewing machines. In moving the tailoring we hope to obtain more orders from outside to contribute to the self-subsistence of Nice View.

Since Mwanasha small draws after completion of her education a regular salary, she took the opportunity and rented a room in the village. We wish her lots of success on the way to independence.

January 2015: Mwanasha has resigned and is not working anymore for the Nice View tailor shop. We have lost touch with her but are still willing to support her setting up business, if she can come up with a serious plan.

Mwanasha was one of the first children accommodated almost 15 years ago and we regret the current situation, which could also not be solved in several talks. However, we have to accept that the children want to take matters into their own hands.