A young woman handed over her baby to a secretary in an office in Kwale, with the request to take care of him for a few minutes, since she wanted to go to the bathroom.

A young woman handed over her baby to a secretary in an office in Kwale, with the request to take care of him for a few minutes, since she wanted to go to the bathroom. She did not come back, after waiting for a long time and looking for the mother, and the secretary brought the small boy, approximately 7 months old to the Youth Welfare Office. From there, he was brought to a nearby children's home that wasn’t able to take care of a baby. So, the baby was somehow kept alive, but became very sick. 

Mrs. Christine Schneider - chairperson of a Kenya help club - visited the children's home at Christmas and recognized immediately, that the baby cannot remain there and informed the Youth Welfare Office. Already on the same day, Mrs. Schneider brought the little one to us in " Nice View " - on 26.12.2003. In the meantime, his mother was found and she awaits now her trial in prison. The Youth Welfare Office informed us that the original name of Noah is Amaton – and we call him now „Noah-Amaton“. The Youth Welfare Office and the court are currently busy to clarify the conditions in Noah’s family and if there are relatives who could accommodate the little one. If Noah-Amaton will stay with us, decides the court.

Amaton's mother was condemned to one year without probation. In the meantime, also his father is known. He works where his mother has left him, being absent that day. Since he refused to acknowledge Amaton as his child and to support the mother, his mother was probably pretty angry, and it seems she had decided that now the time has come for the father to take care of the child.

The mother has been released from prison and, pressured by her family, wants Amaton back. Now she is allowed to visit him under supervision, but we hope that she will not get custody, since she is in our opinion not suited to take over responsibility for a small child, also she is not really interested in Amaton. In addition, something would really be missing in Nice View, and also Amaton would suffer, since we are for him his family. Amaton loves to joke and nobody laughs like him. And what would Sarah do without her little friend and guardian?

July 2008: For Amaton, who was as a baby absolutely not cuddly, it is now very important to get some attention and devotion every evening. Even when he is almost sleeping, he is getting up for a goodnight kiss and some cold tea.

August 2009: After a few weeks in ‘the boarding school’ Nice View II, Amaton changed again to Nice View I, and is entirely happy to be back home and with the older boys. He will start school after the summer holidays.

November 2010: As all the bigger children, Amaton definitely lives in Nice View II now. He is at the moment our smallest Taekwondoka and has the yellow belt already. He also likes playing football, even if this means that he needs to win out over older ones and sometimes runs and runs without getting the ball. But giving up is no option! He is now in the 2nd class, but somewhat un-concentrated at school.

April 2012: Amaton is currently repeating class 2. His has now good marks, and we hope he continues developing in a positive way. A while ago he was diagnosed with bone tuberculosis. Amaton had started to limb, and on the X-ray photography it is clearly visible that his hip is already quite affected. He gets now medication and goes to physiotherapy regularly. Furthermore, he walks now like a professional with crutches. This is to take the load off his hip. We hope he will be again well soon. He always had the heart of a lion and will cope with it. He continues to be cheerful, lively and active.

October 2013: Amaton has recovered from Morbus Perthes, an orthopedic childhood disease, very well. He is, although he is still limping a little, as keen as a mustard when for example playing football. He is now in class 3 and his speech problem (he stutters a little) is more or less not noticeable anymore.

January 2016: Amaton is now in class 6 with Shani, Joshua, Fredrick and Deborah. He's an average learner who needs some time but does a lot of thinking. Since he's a very good footballer, Amaton has become a member of the Nice View team.

February 2019: Amaton is quite small and petite for his age, but a jack of all trades and always in the front. Especially in sports. Since he had some problems at school, he has repeated the 7th grade. However, thanks to the intensified homework support of the Nice View children, he has discovered that math is actually not that difficult. We're keeping our fingers crossed that he'll finish primary school with good grades by the end of this year.

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