Begin of April 2006, Samuel, his little sister Sherine and his mother were found in the bush, almost starved, and brought to the hospital.


Begin of April 2006, Samuel, his little sister Sherine and his mother were found in the bush, almost starved, and brought to the hospital. After taking care of the children in the hospital for two weeks, Samuel and Sherine came to us. After on week, Sherine's suffering was over, and since also his mother passed away End of May, Samuel is now the only survivor of this little family. According to the physicians and his dental status, Samuel is 3, and perhaps even 5 years old. Astonishingly, he is smaller than Joshua who turns one in June.

When we saw Samuel for the first time, he could not even sit by himself. Now, not even 2 month later, Samuel can sit by himself and upright, crawls, can stand and makes first steps. In the beginning you could hear moaning only. Now he has the power to scream and speaks first words. Also his hunger edema has reformed and on his legs you already can see some fat.

Samuel is now a happy child, laughs a lot, and always feels like playing and jesting.

Together with Neema he goes now to physiotherapy, and we hope he will continue to develop that well. He is a smart boy and we are confident that he can mentally catch up soon. Moreover, we are very impressed by his character. Samuel always wants to share his food, smiling from ear to ear. However, he is also glad if everything is merely for him.

It is almost unbelievable how Samuel has developed in one year. Physically he is still a little bit behind, but this does not stop him from running around and playing with the other children. We are so glad he came to us in time! His new age, assessed by a German pediatrician in April 2007, is 3 years. So we were quite right with our estimated date of birth.


July 2008: Samuel is now physically very well developed, and you would not expect to have a child in front of you that was almost starving to death. In the group he is somewhat reserved, but changes completely when he is just playing with Joshua. It is then a real pleasure watching them. In the evenings he climbs into his bed and goes to sleep without any trouble. A real sunshine!

July 2009: In the meantime our sweet Samuel does not omit any opportunity to behave mischievously. This means he is just a completely normal little boy who twists us around his little finger with his charm and affection. He is now in the pre-school kindergarten group.

November 2010: Samuel is now rather quiet and often prefers playing all alone instead with the other children. He is one of our first-formers and still goes to bed without making any trouble.

April 2012: Samuel is now in the 2nd class. He is an average performer and also a somewhat uninterested pupil. Samuel likes dogs and enjoys competitions like tag war. He is affectionate and quite. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the quieter boys like Steven or Shani are amongst his friends. It is almost impossible to catch him lying, and some even say Samuel can not lie. He tries to avoid physical conflicts, but that does not mean that he is never involved in disputes. However, he usually just defends himself then. 

October 2013: Samuel is still quiet, but full of commitment when practicing football. He and the other small boys participate in the meantime in first football tournaments and it is funny to see him or Amaton in their football jersey. He is now in class 3.

July 2014: We lost Samuel on 26th of July, 2014. For the details please click here.