A young mother abandoned her approximately 3 months old baby in the bush, condemned to death. But the little one was lucky.

A young mother abandoned her approximately 3 months old baby in the bush, condemned to death. But the little one was lucky. A women passing by discovered her and brought her to the Youth Welfare Office. The Youth Welfare Office asked us to accommodate her and we agreed. Some days later, on 28 October 2003, the court signed the guardianship over to us. Since the name of the little one was unknown, we called her “Sarah”. All of our children and employees admitted her warmly in the “Nice View” family. Another last minute rescue... She was very ill when she was handed over to us, and we let her examine immediately by a physician in the close by hospital. It turned out that she had a severe malaria infection and also a slight pneumonia, and she was treated right away. The physicians and we were severely shaken by her critical condition. She would not have survived the next days without immediate treatment. She settled down very fast and enjoys our care. We are glad that she is well again and that we could help her. Each day we get rewarded with her smile and her bright eyes. Sarah's mother was found and condemned to one year without probation. For us a way too low penalty, since she had abandoned her child at a place where the probability that somebody finds it is very low. Meaning she had condemned her to death.

In the meantime, the family of her mother wanted to fetch Sarah away from us. The Youth Welfare Office prevented this, after the manager of the Youth Welfare Office and Gudrun Dürr had informed themselves about the situation of the family on the spot. The situation is even under African circumstances more than degrading, and it would break our hearts if we would have to leave Sarah there.

Sarah is a quick and happy child and paints, together with Amaton, Betty and Shani, quite often the garden. How is this going to be when also Jolene stumbles behind?

July 2008: Sarah has taken over the role of the big sister in the group of our little ones. She rebukes them if they - once more - behave mischievously or do not behave properly. She is energetic and has surprised us with her bell-like and pure voice when singing together the song „Jambo Bwana“.

July 2009: Sarah is, after Leah, the second baby that came to us. Unbelievable but true: she belongs to our best preschoolers and will start school after the summer holidays. She has become a pretty, kind and polite little girl. Keep it up, Sarah!

November 2010: If you ask Sarah what she would like to become when she is older, you get an amazing answer: an angel. She is uncomplicated, her school performance is good and she is very tidy.

April 2012: Sarah is now in the 3rd class. To our surprise her performance has deteriorated, and she is at the moment just an average performer. Sarah is always friendly, very neat and honest. It is a pleasure witnessing how a 6 months old baby has turned into such a nice girl. Sarah is athletically, practices Taekwondo and plays football.

October 2013: Sarah is always even-tempered and belongs to the quieter children. On the other hand she acts often as comedian and her performances make us laugh. She is now in class 4.

January 2016: Sarah is in class 7 with Mickey, Juma, Mary and Regina. While she's only an average learner she always makes good efforts to improve her results. Sarah has turned into a nice, lovely and helpful girl who often looks after Natalie. She's always in for some fun.

February 2019: Sarah finished primary school at the end of last year with good grades and was accepted at Kwale High School, about an hour's drive from Nice View. Sarah is good at singing, but is a bit shy when she is in Nice View Chorus asked to take over a solo part. She is in general very musical and plays guitar already quite well.


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