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Sunday, 13. March 1994


Saumu lived, after her parents died, with her aunt. After living in an impoverished life Saumu came to us with physiological disorders. She was very reserved never laughed. Her physical condition was also not well. On 13 March 2000, she came to us to Nice View. Now, Saumu is a friendly girl without problems and fears. She laughs a lot and plays with her friends. We are pleased that she is now so happy and carefree. Since January 2002 Saumu attends to a private school. She loves our babies very much and often  plays in her spare time with them.


Begin 2004 we had to let Saumu go heavy-hearted. Relatives wanted her back, and since they would keep on and on, we have agreed to let her return to her family on advice of the youth welfare office.

To our knowledge she does not visit the school, what gives us pain, and we will definitely interfere in case she should get married as a minor.