Saturday, 15. December 2007


Hello, I am Sheila! On July 16th 2008, my new Mama (Mama Gudrun) received once again a phone call from the police. This time from Diani. Immediately, she sent my two new uncles (uncle Cosmas and uncle Saidi) to pick me up. Before that I had spent 3 days all alone in the flat and was crying a lot. Then, finally, my neighbour forced open the door and called the police. I have been held at the police station 3 times already. Each time my mother had abandoned me. But this time finally a policeman felt pity with me and, instead of bringing me back to my mother, informed the youth welfare office. In addition, this time they seized my mother and imprisoned her completely drunk. My mother says, to pull me through, she must ply her trade during the night, and has to leave me sometimes alone for more than a day. I do not understand this. She is attractive and sleek, however, meets ways too often with men in discos and bars. Does she get alcohol and drugs from them? Or does she buy it from the money she gets from these men? I do not know.

When I arrived at Nice View, I had first a bath. I think they found that I smell. Thereafter, I got two small bottles of milk and lots of water with fruit sugar. What was I hungry and thirsty. My new Mama was deeply shocked, since I had eczema and wounds all over the body and in the face. In addition she found it strange that one of my ears was completely blue. Like necrotic. Therefore, we went to visit the Daktari (Dr. Mashanga) the next day. Also he was deeply shaken when he saw me and has made lots of tests and examinations immediately. In the hospital they draw blood, for an HIV test. The result I will get in two weeks. Dear god, please make that I am healthy!

My new Mama says I look like a 3 months old child. However, my mother says I am from one upwards. Well, perhaps it is 5 months? By all means I have no teeth yet. Evenings, when I lie bathed and with tubby belly in my bed, I appreciate it that my new Mama has decided to give children like me a new home and hope that I can stay. The outcome of the court hearing against my mother I do not know yet.


December 2008: Sheila's prayer was unfortunately not answered. She is HIV positive. Furthermore, a closed tuberculosis (not infectious) was diagnosed. Since in Kenya HIV positive children may principally not be accommodated together with not infected children, a medical treatment along the coast is only hard to ensure (drugs are not or only difficult to get, the blood must be sent to Nairobi for examination), we have decided with a heavy heart to look for a children's home that is specialised in the accommodation of HIV infected children and children with AIDS. After having received upon inquiries by phone refusals only (all children's homes in Nairobi are filled to overflowing), Cosmas our social worker-to-be was sent to appear in person. After many further refusals, he finally managed to find a home that met our demands and wishes and was willing to adopt Sheila. It is a very clean and well-equipped home, with a hospital around the corner that is sponsored by the same organisation.

On 25th of October was everything ready. Cosmas had managed in a relative short time to collect all necessary papers, and Sheila was brought to Nairobi. With her Gudrun, who wanted to convince herself that Sheila is accommodated good.

In November Cosmas, Mama Polina, Haji and Amina visited Sheila. She recognised them and was happy to receive visitors. In addition, she looks already much better. What is presumably due to the fact that a food incompatibility was diagnosed. She gets now only food she does not react allergic on and has already gained some weight. Also her skin looks better. We will keep an eye on Sheila and keep you informed. However, we are convinced that Sheila is in very good hands.

In June 2009, Cosmas, our social worker-to-be, visited Sheila again and has brought new pictures. In the course of his distance learning he is from time to time in Nairobi and usually stops by.

Sheila is very well. She gets since a while antiviral treatment (she is HIV positive) and has gained quite some weight. However, she has still problems with her skin, and we hope the proper treatment will be found.