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Wednesday, 23. November 2005


Begin of April 2006, Samuel, his little sister Sherine and his mother were found in the bush, almost starved, and brought to the hospital. After taking care of the children in the hospital for two weeks, Samuel and Sherine came to us.


May 2006: Sad Setback! At the age of 6-8 months, Sherine only weighed two kilos. She had already been very weak when she came to us and died within a week due to malnutrition. We had done everything we could to save her but, unfortunately, it was too late when she came to us. For some time, however, we were able to give her love, attention and care, which she had never known before. We buried her in all dignity in Nice View. Although we knew her only a short time, we loved her well and it was very difficult for us not to have her among us anymore.