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Sunday, 29. January 2006


On 29 January 2007, we admitted Stacey: Three days after Steven came to us, there was another appeal for help of the Youth Welfare Office. A young and single mother brought her little daughter Stacey (11 months old) to a neighbour stating  that she could not take care of the little one anymore. The surprised neighbor was perplexed and informed the police. On the same evening, Stacey's mother was picked up by the police in a disco and was arrested.

Since, three days before, we have admitted already Steven, and the Youth Welfare Office knows that we are currently overfull, the officers contacted two other children's homes in the district first. But both were not willing to accommodate Stacey. The explanation was "WE DO NOT ADMIT BABIES". So, they tried it again with Nice View, and even the same afternoon Stacey was brought to us. The neighbor told us that Stacey got regularly sleeping pills and even drugs from her mother, so that she could go to the disco during the night. The child was simply in her way and she was looking for a  method to get rid of Stacey. The case will be sorted out before the court on 13 March 2007, and until then Stacey will stay with us.

The court date was postponed for an indefinite period, since the involved witnesses did not appear. 


May 2008: We really wanted to accompany you longer, Stacey. On May 15th, 2008, Stacey's mother came to pick her up. Somehow (by bribe?) she had managed to regain custody. However, we are afraid that this is not based on maternal feelings, but that she is planning to use Stacey to get alimony from her father. We have tried to convince the mother to leave Stacey with us during the week and in our kindergarten, and to take her in the weekends and during holidays only; unfortunately without success. We will keep an eye on Stacey, and probably have to get used to it that we can accompany and protect some of the children only on a bit of their life's journey.