On Friday, 26.01.07, Gudrun was informed by the Youth Welfare Office in Kwale that a little baby has been found next to a waterhole in the bush near the Tanzanian border, and that has been brought to the hospital in Msambweni.


On Friday, 26.01.07, Gudrun was informed by the Youth Welfare Office in Kwale that a little baby has been found next to a waterhole in the bush near the Tanzanian border, and that has been brought to the hospital in Msambweni. Immediately after she had received the message, Gudrun went to the hospital to meet the baby boy - approximately one year old - with big and sad eyes, and she got the idea that he is suffering from pain. The woman who has found him was with him. She told Gudrun that she was getting water from a waterhole outside of her village, when she heard a baby cry, but she could not discover anything. After following the weeping, she found a little boy lying in the bush, nobody far and wide. She waited and called for people, but after nobody responded for a long time, she brought the little one to the police. The police sent her to the hospital in Msambweni to report the incidence there and to get the baby examined. Unfortunately, Gudrun was not informed until the next day, and in the meantime the child was accommodated poorly only. Gudrun initiated a physical examination at once, since the small one had a very swollen abdomen. Steven is by all means HIV negative. Our children have chosen a name for him and we will call him STEVEN. We think he is approximately 1 year und 2 month old (he can not walk yet) and that's why we gave him a date of birth already - 27 November 2005.

After not laughing for weeks (what has happened to this child?), he laughs now all the more. He walks since a while, is very active and interested, and we call him playfully 'our little professor', since he seems to be a very smart boy.


July 2008: A German paediatrician, who examined Steven once, told us that he will bring lots of joy to us. She was completely right. Steven has become a very bright-minded and energetic child that enjoys to dance. He is very affectionate, always up for fun, and we are again and again surprised how good he speaks English already. However, he is somewhat small, but a paediatrician in Mombasa told us that he does not see a reason why he should not grow. Perhaps it's because he is such a bright guy that we think he must be taller.

June 2009: Steven is to this day one of the most affectionate children, and is always extremely sad when his German mamas and papas leave again. He is still somewhat little, however, he gets on well at kindergarten. Moreover he is not snivelling at all (a brave little Indian), a water lover and an enthusiastic dancer.   

November 2010:  Steven does not like it at all if somebody says he is little. Thereby he is for us a very big one who will be sent to school next year. He is very lively and always up for fun.

April 2012: Steven is in the 1st class now. He is a very good performer, hardworking, neat, speaks English fluently, calculates already quite well and likes to read. He enjoys quizzes and likes doing sports. He is very caring and realizes it immediately if somebody is not happy. He asks then for example: Why do you laugh less then usual? Steven does not make any trouble, and we hope he simply stays as he is.

October 2013: With Steven one has always the impression that his brain develops faster than his body grows. He is now in class 2. He is almost never involved in fights. It is anyhow astonishing how well the younger boys get along with each other. They have hardly any quarrels.

January 2016: Steven is now in class 5 with Faima, Jolene and Mona. He's a good student who has taken responsibility for special tasks in the class. Steven is a friendly, funny and attentive boy and because of his football skills, he has been allowed to join the training for the older boys. Dancing is just another of his hobbies. He's a very good dancer, especially when it comes to breakdance moves.

November 2019: Steven is now in class 8. We hope that his school achievements will improve a little so that he will be able to finish primary school with good results at the end of this year. He is a very bright and sporty boy who plays in the Nice View football team and often entertains us with solo dance performances. Together with some of the other boys, he is responsible for the animals (chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, guinea fowls and turkeys) that are kept in the children's village. It was not long ago that Steven discovered a new passion: baking.