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Thursday, 9. April 1987


Suleiman, Mwanasha and Haji lived after the death of their parents with their sick grandmother. They lived under very poor circumstances and had not even a roof above their heads. Suleiman, who has never visited a school, goes since January 2001 to a private school. He has a sponsor, who knows him personally and finances his schooling. Suleiman has very good marks and his goal is to become the best in his class. In his free time, he goes fishing or helps our carpenter, as he likes to work with wood.

Suleiman and his two siblings have been handed over by the Court and Youth Welfare Office as orphans. Therefore, we were very surprised, as suddenly the quite young mother was standing in front of the gate. After the death of the father, the grandmother had insisted on keeping all the children - in Kenya the children are the "property" of the father or the father's family, and had chased the young mother away. The mother, re-married, has already another little children, and can not take care of Suleiman and his two siblings. Also the children are glad that they can stay with us. They know that living with their mother would mean that, instead of going to school, they would need to get water, collect firewood or work on the field. And the grandmother, who always threatened that she would again take the children away from Nice View, has in the meantime passed away. Thanks to Suleiman's mother, we do know now his real age. As already suspected, is Suleiman 2 years older than originally anticipated.

Suleiman has become a self-confident adolescent, who reacts if somebody does him great wrong. He has attended several Unicef workshops and knows exactly what his rights as child or adolescent are. In school he is very motivated and would like to become an engineer. He is now in the 6th form, and we hope we will be later, from a financial point of view, be able to support his educational plans. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, occupies oneself with birds and is very interested in everything that has to do with the space and the planets.

End of 2007, Suleiman will finish Primary School, and has applied already to 4 Secondary Schools. We hope he will be able to improve his marks so he can choose to which school (=boarding school) he wants to go. In Kenya there are district, provincial and national schools, and if you are accepted by a national one, you have the best chances. In addition, Suleiman can then perhaps follow in the footsteps of his half-brother, who studies, also partly thanks to us, at Mombasa Polytechnic.


July 2008: Suleiman has finished Primary School in the meantime. However, to his and our great disappointment with such bad marks that it would be a waste of time to send him to Secondary School. Also having in mind that he is now in 2008 already 20 years old. Therefore, we have decided to offer him an education in the household and the kitchen, or an education as carpenter in our carpenter's workshop. Suleiman has chosen for the education in the household and the kitchen and is doing very well.

In May 2009 Suleiman successfully finished his apprenticeship in our kitchen and the household. Since he especially likes to bake, he has applied for a position in our kitchen, which we could offer to him.

As he gets now his first real salary, he has also decided to live independently and has rented a room in our village.

Since, due to his work in our kitchen, we see him almost daily, the goodbye is not too hard, and we wish Suleiman all the best for his further journey through life.

November 2010: Already a few months ago Suleiman has started on request with a carpenter training, and we wish him a lot of success!

Begin 2011 Suleiman decided discontinuing the carpenter training. We think this is a pity, but he got an offer from some emigrants and could not resist.

We wish Suleiman all the best for his future life.

April 2012: With Suleiman we have only contact from time to time via Facebook. Furthermore, Mwanaha and Haji that stand in contact with their mother keep us up-to-date and have confirmed that he is doing well. Suleiman works at a hotel in Mombasa and lives with his girlfriend in Likoni.