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Dorothy Shally (TRIX)


Wednesday, 14. March 2001


On Friday, 13 February 2009, two siblings, who are situated in an extreme emergency according to the Youth Welfare Office, were adopted. The girl, Trix is 9 years old, her brother Boni 11.

To date we do not know the exact story of the siblings, there are a number of contradicting stories, and Gudrun and our social worker Cosmas are currently investigating the case. The traces even lead to Western Kenya.

Just one is for sure: it is a long and very sad story. However, the siblings are save now and have found a new home in Nice View.

Via the Youth Welfare Office the parents from Boni and Trix came to Nice-View and wanted to pick up the children. The children refused to accompany their parents, and still in the same night we have agreed with the Youth Welfare Office that for now the children stay with us. 

After longer talks with the parents, the children and the Youth Welfare Office it turned out that the children are telling the truth. The parents treated their children like slaves and told everywhere that their children are telling lies. Boni should even be brought to a home for children with behavioral problems.

We are convinced that the children are telling the truth and have filed a guardianship application together with the Youth Welfare Office at the Juvenile Court. This is the only possibility to protect the children from further hard work and suppression.


Trix somewhat worries us. She can at the moment not get her past history out of her system and suffers from mood swings. On one day she is very happy and on the other day she is crying and does not want to see anyone.

All over the body she has numerous scars. According to her caused by physical abuse by the parents. With devotion we are trying to gain her trust. It will certainly take some time, but we can recognize first successes. During our music evenings with the whole family she becomes less reserved and enjoys beating the drum.

July 2009: Trix, also named Dorothy, has in the meantime settled in quite well. She is still somewhat reserved, except when singing and dancing, but this will certainly change soon. She as well as her brother are very good dancers. Since the 3rd and 4th class are currently taught together, we will decide after the summer holidays together with the teacher which class is the right one for Trix.

November 2010: Dorothy is now in class 5. Her school performance is good and she is prefect. What she would like to become when she is older: President of Kenya.  But we would not be surprised if she would change her mind. She is one of the yellow-belt wearer (Taekwondo), very musical and often volunteers practicing performances with the smaller ones. Dorothy participated in this year’s music festival as well.

April 2012: Dorothy is now in class 6. She is a good performer and prefect of the dining hall. Dorothy is open, lovable and disciplined, plays football and likes to dance. Her current favorite board game: Scotland Yard. Her parents visit her and David from time to time, and it appeared that their father is not their biological father.

October 2013: Dorothy is now in class 6 and good in school like her brother David. Sadly, she is sometimes somewhat lazy and uncooperative, but understanding. Not too uncommon for a girl of her age. Even though the siblings quarrel heavily from time to time, they always stick together and Dorothy usually sticks around her brother when she is sick and not feeling too well.

January 2016: Dorothy attends in the meanwhile class 10 (form 2) of a secondary school in the vicinity of Nyeri. She is still a first-rate pupil, very dutiful, communicative, likes to sing and dance and is in general keen on sports.