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Wilfrida Auma


Monday, 28. April 1997


DREAM: Journalism


Wilfrida is a fourth born in a family of seven children. Her father died when she was still seven years old in standard one.    

Wilfrida was learning at St. Peters Academy where the school fee per term was ksh. 1,200. This translates to ksh. 3,600 per year. With as low as the school fees was, her mother wasn’t capable of paying hence her persistent stay out of school.

With frequent disruptions from school and tuition, she kept on fluctuating in her academics.

Besides, they live in a single room with no electricity- she therefore couldn’t carry out her studies at home.

She too was the one responsible for the house chores when the mother goes out to look for casual jobs- which include: washing neighbours’ clothes and working in the go-downs.

All these combined plus other issues like failure to get all basic needs were among the reasons for her inconsistence in academic performance.

This is really a pitiable situation that warrants help. We have therefore enrolled her in our school since we believe that everything starts with education and do hope she will realize her dreams and too improve her family’s living standard upon getting a better education.


Wilfrieda finished the Nice View Gratitude Academy end of 2013 with a good result (369 B+) and attended thereafter a secondary school.

However, end of 2015 we had to take the decision to stop supporting her. She only presented her report after we refused to continue paying the school fees and was also causing problems before.