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December 2018: Looking for an ambulance

We are looking for an 4x4 right-hand-drive ambulance vehicle

Dear sponsors, supporters and friends,

The Nice View Medical Center needs an ambulance that we want to buy in the next months to extend our medical offer.

It should be an all-terrain (4x4) vehicle equipped as an ambulance. We need a right-hand-drive because Kenya is a left-hand driving country.

If the vehicle is in good shape this will save us repair costs in Kenya. A converted Land Rover Defender or a Toyota Land Cruiser for instance would be ideal as we can get spare parts for these cars in Kenya.

Please help us find a suitable and affordable vehicle.
We are looking forward to hearing from you, preferably by e-mail to:
infoatkenia-hilfe [dot] com.

Thanks in advance.

Warm regards,
Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß