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February 2017: 24-hour operation

As per January 1st, 2017 the Nice View Medical Centre which has been in operation for a year now is open 24/7. After numerous negotiations and visits at local authorities, Denise has finally managed to obtain all the required approvals. We have the go-ahead for a 24-hour medical service. Three clinical officers and a nurse are on duty. In this way, the project has reached another milestone towards our aim to become a clinic that is specialised in preventive medicine and treatments for women and children, particularly obstetrics.

In January 2017 the clinic was approved by the national health insurance fund. Patients can now indicate that they want to be treated in our hospital. We are about to start a campaign to promote this.

In addition the Nice View Medical Centre has been a member of the Tunza Family Health Network since 2015. Therefore the clinic appears in the organisation's bright colours which take quite some getting used to. Tunza offers training and support in relation to family planning (contraceptives) as well as cervical screening and treatment. The network has also become increasingly committed to fighting HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and childhood diseases.

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