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February 2019: Dorothy, Mwanajuma and Martin

Dear sponsors and friends,

We are happy to report that Dorothy, Mwanajuma and Martin successfully finished Secondary School end of last year. Dorothy and Martin want to study now. Dorothy computer science engineering and Martin architecture, mathematics, statistics or civil engineering.

Until he is called and to prepare for his study, he attends a 3-months computer course. Dorothy attends meanwhile together with Mwanajuma cooking classes at a school of hotel management in Diani. They learn from a Belgium cook not only how to cook but also how to serve and how to deal with guests. Since it is a part-time course, they go to a language school in the afternoon to learn German.

Mwanajuma can cook and bake already quite well and she also enjoys it very much. Therefore, she could imagine to work in a hotel later and to continue studies in this respect. To begin with, she would also be interested to go to Germany as an au-pair to also further improve on her language skills. This would widen her opportunities to find a job in the tourism business.

We wish the three of them dearly all the best!

Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.

Dorothy Mwanajuma in the middle cooking course in front of the language school Martin