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February 2019: Francis und Kahindi

Dear godparents, friends and supporters,

Francis successfully completed his Human Resource Management degree at the end of last year, unfortunately with a one-year delay because he was inadvertently not enrolled in the final exam in 2017 and the graduation did not take place until the end of the year. He now works in Nice View (mainly in maintenance), but is looking for a job as he also wants to gain experience outside of Nice View.

We are happy and optimistic that soon the next Nice View 'child' can be released into independence.

Kahindi began after completing secondary school at the beginning of last year with a training as a painter (as a craft trades). However, he soon found that this was not the right thing for him. He has therefore stopped training and has since practiced tattooing and specializes in body painting with henna. Incidentally, he still accepts orders for pictures, especially for pencil drawings.

Since he already has his first customers, he wants to open a tattoo studio in the near future, but is still looking for the right location. Until then he works in Nice View. We keep our fingers crossed for Kahindi and are optimistic that with so much artistic talent Kahindi will be able to take care of himself in the foreseeable future.

Your Team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß

Francis by Kahindi by Kahindi Kahindi tattooing tattoo of Kahindi Kahindi