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January 2019: New Year’s Eve

This year it was celebrated again along the beach.

Already in the morning, the children were at the beach and helped preparing everything. The beach banda was cleaned and chairs and mats were organized.

In the afternoon all went swimming and around 6 o’clock the New Year’s Eve party started. On the program were games like going to Jerusalem or dancing with balloons, Zumba and it was of course eaten together.

The children had lots of fun and the time until midnight passed quickly. Shortly before 12 o’clock, the lanterns were lightened and the children made a circle at the beach. After the countdown ‚10, 9, 8,..........3, 2 , 1 Happy New Year‘, it was sung together and all wished each other a Happy New Year

Thereafter, the children were gradually brought back to the children’s home, where they collapsed into bed tired but happy.

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