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May 2016: Nice View Medical Centre Receives Award

In May, in the context of the introduction of Malaria Rapid Diagnosis Tests, the Nice View Medical Centre was ranked the best health care institution of Kwale County.

In advance, the Ministry of Health had sent test patients to every clinic and performed audits (Kenyan health institutions have to keep accounts of the number and results of all malaria tests carried out) and was obviously impressed by our high hospital standards, particularly in the laboratory.

Nobody had the slightest idea that an award would be granted until the Medical Centre received an invitation from the Ministry of Health to attend an official celebration. A lab assistant and a clinical officer followed the invitation. Jacintah, our lab assistant, couldn't believe her ears when she heard that Nice View was the winner.

Attached are some pictures of the trophy and the certificate. On top of that, the hospital received a 150 Euro voucher for a wholesale pharmacy.

We share the excitement of the Nice View Medical Centre staff and would like to express our sincere congratulations! Your team of Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V.

hand-over of the certificate certificate and trophy Jacintah the team of the Nice View Medical Centre the team of the Nice View Medical Centre with Denise